I was debating for a long time about whether or not to post this since myself and everyone else who posts here are white, but I feel as though, through enough education I've received, that I know cultural appropriation when I see it. I honestly thought Brookelle was above something like this, but I guess she's not because this is her "Halloween costume" this year:

 Let me spell this out for ya, Brookelle, since I know you still read this blog:


Like, holy fuck. "Took inspiration from Xerxes (300 movie)"... What the fuck is wrong with you??

At what point did you think to yourself, "oh, this is totally okay even though I'm white and not part of either culture!"??

But I shouldn't expect anything less from Brookelle, as these were her "festival" (re: coachella) "makeup" looks.

Her response to all of this?

hamiltonjesse @ri.tarded Pipe your Tumblr arse down, this is not cultural appropriation
bybrookelle @hamiltonessy thanks chick [heart emoji, kiss emoji]]

[Caption: bybrookelle: @limobido what specific culture am I appropriation? Please advise. Or get off your high horse and sit down.
limobido: @bybrookelle obviously you haven't even investigated a little bit about tribal face paint. This kind of tribal face paint is used by African and Native American tribes in different special and religious occasions. It's not just a festival trend, it's something that actually has a meaning to it and people are using it just because it's 'treny'. Please, look up the meaning of cultural appropriation. What you're doing is disrespectful to other cultures. Even if you don't see it, just the fact that other people feel their culture is disrespected is a reason to stop. I really didn't want to write this whole thing, but i'm trying to educate. have a nice day.
bybrookelle: @limobido NO CULTURE owns face painting, or shapes on ones face. Nobody. It's not illegal nor am I breaking any rules. I am able to use makeup to please whatever shapes, colours, or anything I wish on my face. Just because someone is offended by something, doesn't mean I am not able to express myself how I wish or that I should be bashed for it. I could be offended by a woman breast feeding in public, but that's not for me to comment on. So please get back to me when putting makeup on your face is illegal, or when a specific culture owns face painting. Thank you.

I don't even think I have to explain how disgusting and racist this is.

Then again, again, I should expect nothing less from someone who uses foundation 3-5 times darker than their ACTUAL skin tone and uses fake tan like there's no tomorrow (not that there's anything wrong with fake tanning, but when it's dark enough to look like a completely different race, that's when it becomes incredibly problematic).

(the bottle says "Dark", and her left leg - with spray tan - resembles that of a dark skinned person.)

For anyone coming here for the first time, this is her real skin tone with no makeup, but plenty of Photoshop.

(this has the Valencia filter on it)

(no filter at all, and you can see her blotchy fake tan and her real skin tone underneath)

(snapchat's 'Vintage' filter option (I do not know what it's called normally))

[ Note: While I don't like how much fake tan she uses, I do feel bad that she got burned pretty bad from using whatever brand she did. No one deserves that, at least in my opinion. It doesn't mean I can't talk about how terrible her fake tan is and just how dark it really is ]

And as a bonus, here's her stealing an Instagram post from a black makeup artist, lightening the skin using a filter, and posting it as if it were her own photo from a while back.

By the way? She never deleted the post. Her excuse for posting it and lightening the skin? "I never said the photo was mine."

Anyway, there you go. I'm sure there's more somewhere, but this is what I have!

Damn, Brookelle, back at it against with the liquify tool!

I am... very sorry for that, I apologize. I couldn't stop myself. Anyway, here are even more bybrookelle fails.

@Brookelle, if you're reading this: please find someone professional to do your photos so it's at least a little hard for me to do this.

A note before you continuePlease don't forget that the liquify tool is in multiple apps besides photoshop (Meitupic and Facetune I believe both have them). This does not negate the fact that it is still Photoshop, and she is still lying about it

All of the following photos have multiple degrees of the Liquify tool, as well as her general face-smoothing  and the GIF at the end shows how much it changes between just two photos.

(Note: The circle around her hair shows where the hair is jagged and unnatural)

And here is the GIF showing the above two photos together. As you can see, there are Anchor points, where I made sure the still background matched. I used the top right corner of the top right frame, the items behind her hair on the left (our left), and the corner edge of the table on the right (our right). Please note that I missed a spot, which is her HAIRSPRAY CAN above the THIRD ANCHOR POINT.

I thought I was done posting photoshop fails of Brookelle, because her skin smoothing on instagram is very distinct and noticeable, but I never thought I'd see the day she fucked up so bad that even someone who doesn't use photoshop could see it.

Anyway, here are some more fails. I didnt do them all because there were too many to count. The one in question above is dead last, because it's the worst.

*To any newcomers of this site, who either found it through Google or through the tumblr bybrookelle tag, or even on Instagram: no matter what she "appears," Brookelle is white. She is not Latinx, Black, or Indigenous. It is all self-tanner/fake tan (her hand) and makeup and lighting/editing tricks (seen below).*

  1.  The top circle: Her lips are blurred, and not nearly as sharp as the rest of the photo. It's more than likely she used the bloat tool to make them appear larger in between lip injections (or, she doesn't have them at all).
  2. The middle circle: She darkened her skin aound this entire area. The "shadow" you see n the wall is not a shadow - why would it be? she is in clear light, and the rest of her body isn't this way - but from her using the burn tool to darken her skin here. Why, I don't know.
  3. The bottom circle: This isnt so much a fail as it is something to keep in mind when viewing the other fails. Brookelle is not a naturally skinny woman (which is absolutely fine, except for the fact that she tries to hide it), and often makes her arms appear smaller. 

  1. Her ear, neck, jaw, and hair: Never in my life have I seen someone's jaw, ear, and neck move in the way hers does. She isn't smiling that much between the two photos, not enough to make her ear piercing and lobe slide, her ear change rotations, and the back her neck move about half an inch forward.
  2. Her hair: She doesn't move that much in between these two photos. If you look to the first frame, you can see that her hair seems to squiggle. She's been caught many times before editing her jaw, and this is a by-product of it. She edited her jaw smaller (thats not really news).

  1. Her inner elbow: Remember how those were supposed to be straight frames?
  2. Her Jaw (both sides): Squiggling consistent to using the liquify tool to make her jaw thinner, as evident by the squiggling on the left side, and the blurry, bloated hair on the right.
  3. Armpit (left circle): Blurring consistent with how she edits her skin. More than likely an error on her part in her editing (a misclick or mis-tap). 
  4. Armpit (right circle): The desk drawer is supposed to be straight. 

  1. Nose: Used the liquify tool to make her nose flatter/smaller. Unsure of why.
  2. Lips: Used the liquify tool to make them larger. 
  3. Top of Arm/Desk: Used the liquify tool to make her arm smaller.
  4. Armpit: Used the liquify tool to make her armpit "fat" straighter, as well as blurring of the skin.
  5. Jaw: used the liquify tool to fix it, and didn't think anyone would notice. LMFAO
Good job, Brookelle! This is almost as bad as the time you blatantly posted photos from a nightclub and edited your jaw smaller, ave yourself collarbones and edited your makeup and face so it was free of pimples (Maddie's too!) and wrinkles! Amazing!

Step up your game, girl.

I never though this would happen, but our blog has been featured on the Pretty Ugly Little Liars website!

I decided to check up on this after a year, and noticed 13 new comments. I was wondering where they came from. Most of them were on the Vallex Valentine post, which was featured in a thread on their forums (link here).

I was also wondering why we got 1,000+ page views within that week. Looks like I've figured it out!

So... cheers??? I absolutely love the site, but I don't ever go on it. Awesome.

We also never followed up on Vallex, but it seems they have, so.

Might as well post some actual, recent fails!

All original links here: First picture (tumblr link), Second (tumblr linkand the one from her sidebar, which are different!

Easiest way to tell if there was Photoshop? Windows Photo Viewer. I use it on Windows 7, so idk if it's work on Windows 8 or anything before 7. I won't be doing what I do with the first photo because you can just look back and forth between the second and third to figure out what's wrong with the picture/it's mostly the same stuff (Liquification of the stomach, hips, probably boobs and skin as well).

(I screenshot using Windows 7's Snipping Tool, which auto-saves to PNG. You can check these for yourself if you save them and look, before anyone tries to angrily comment "PHOTOSHA W P").

First photo:

Seems there was some Photoshop used. Not really surprising.

Second photo: 

Still not surprising.

Third Photo/Sidebar Picture:

Yeah, not surpising at all.

Now to go into the real stuff, like whats actually photoshopped.

I use Photoshop and Paint for this (Photoshop to do the exposure and sharpening as well as putting all three pictures together, and Paint to make the rings around the photo), a method Rachel actually taught me,

First Picture:

I even saved it in JPG for you. The left picture is the original, the middle is sharpened, and the far right has the exposure down so I can see things like blurring and the like. (View full size here (without red rings) and here (with them: png / jpg versions), since Blogger sizes down to 1600px wide, and this is will over that):

Here's what's "wrong":

  • Circle around her face: Exposure shows that there's skin softening/blurring. 
  • Circle around her stomach: Pixel alteration/stretching, showing that the Liquify tool has been used. 
  • Circle around her back: Same thing as above^
  • Red circle around her thigh/calf: Thigh has beedn "liquified". IT's uneven, consistent with a small brush instead of a large one.
  • Yellow circle around her sock: Red line on her sock is blurred, and smaller on one side than the other. Proof of Liquify tool. 
  • Circle around her upper thigh/butt: Proof of the liquify tool. See bigger here, her thigh has an inlet that isn't smooth (I'm not sure what else to call it). It looks like that part was made smaller, maybe to make her butt appear "bigger", but I can't be sure. It's consistent with when someone uses the liquify tool with the default 100% settings (and tbh, it's not a great choice. 50% on both should be better, unfortunately I know this because I used to do this too )))): )
  • Circle around her lower knee: I'm not sure what's going on here but there's alteration to the pixels in that circle (see bigger here). Might have been a botched Liquify job and she tried to cover it up? I have no fucking clue tbh. 
There you have it. 

If you guys want more (since these take a lot of work to make, surprisingly enough), please send the photos you want to our page.


So, Taylor decided to change her instagram, but I found it again, yada, yada, etc. She'll probably delete the two Instagram posts after she catches wind of this post or swear on her life she didn't photoshop it/I photoshopped the two images, but.

She posted two different photos of her follower count. The one we called out in the first place for photoshopping, and a second one two weeks ago that is, in fact, also photoshopped. Here's how I know how.

I decided to compare both pictures.

Here's screen shots of the originals, here and here are the two original pictures.

It doesn't look like anything has changed except the very tiny less-than-two-hundred followers she 'gained' from the first post to the second (pretty decline in follower additions, don't you think?), and the message count (also strikingly low for the amount of 'followers' she 'has')

Well, they're both photoshopped.

Take this GIF, for instance, of both Instagram photos paired together. Notice how nothing else in the picture moves (the follower and message count box moves about five pixels one way and another 5 down, it's very subtle), except for the highlighted area (and obviously the service bar thing at the top, idk what it's called, I don't own an iPhone).

Here's another picture of it, except zoomed in at 200%.

Now, I'm about 99 percent sure that the box doesn't fucking do that in the IOS app. about 110% sure.

I'd try it myself but I don't have an iphone so.

What's your excuse this time, Taylor?


Blehhh. It's 3:07am and I'm fucked laughing my ass off. I probably shouldn't be awake with Thanksgiving tomorrow but I noticed something (a trend, if you will) with Brookelle's instagram.

You guessed it - she still fucked photoshops. Don't believe me? Here. Take these. I also have them in PSD form if you would like to see yourself how much of an idiot she is.

Alright. I noticed this one first.

  1. I want to point out that the pictures are also not lined up correctly (in the center), which means she did the dual picture shot here in Photoshop instead of on an app (like much of her pictures go through... considering half the fonts she uses and the option to put a outer-stroke on the text are Photoshop exclusive, so to speak)
  2. Orange - It only shows up in the one picture, so please reference the zoomed in picture below. That shadow shouldn't be there. It isn't caused by her hair (because it's too light)... so what the fuck happened there? We just don't know.
  3. Cyan - She may or may not have gotten rid of the following and caused a patch to occur that isn't in the the other picture: pimples, eyebrow hairs, other things
  4. Red (Eyes) - Both eyes are dodged and burned at two different intensities (a dead give away because her eyes look like this without photoshop). Her eyelashes are also two different sets, meaning she probably edited those in too. 
  5. Red (nostril) - I am pretty sure this one is obvious. She blemished fixed over her nostril for some reason???
  6. Green - Blurred out her laugh lines a bit 
  7. Red (shoulder) - I refuse to believe that that isn't edited. the shadow ends on that yellow line (and i'm not kidding) too abruptly to be a natural shadow (plus it has a weird grey tint which happens when you use the burn tool with only the 'highlights' option selected)
Zoomed photo below (click to enlarge)

After noticing this in the first picture, I went through older pictures to see if there was more. I found three. (that I can see myself)

  1. Orange (eye) - that black eyeliner line was created with a brush tool.
  2. Orange (nose) - Same thing, except much more prominent (and really shitty)
  3. Orange (cheek) - noise inconsistency when sharpened. Also note that her skin tone is different colors. I turned down the contrast so it wasn't so bright and that happened. 
  1. for the left picture: Blue (nose) - Used the blemish fix tool and it fucked up)
  2. for the right picture: Blue (eye) eye was heavily dodged and burned. 
  3. Blue (both necks) - Do you need anymore proof that she still edits her jawline smaller? 

  1. Blue (forehead) - Noise inconsistency, burned too dark. Doesn'r seem to be a widow's peak, but I could be wrong.
  2. Blue (cheek) - More noise inconsistency. Looks like it was blemish fixed (and not picture, on her nose just above her nostirl there is clear signs of the blemish fix tool)
  3. Blue (jaw) - Same thing as the previous photo. She edits her jawline.

If you guys have any more let me know (or if you find your own)

A rather.... large... post later tomorrow (or today, if it's July 2nd where you are). I've given Rachel everything she needed and we compiled a large, somewhat detailed post. It covers these subjects.

  • Where we've been
  • What we've been doing (unless you follow me personally on Tumblr, then you'll know that I lost my muse for this for a while but I'm back now after seeing some things and also with the help of Smackbrookelle and a few other lovely people)
  • What we're going to be doing
  • How Brookelle actually isn't a make up artist and why
  • The truth behind the girl named Kelcey Maree (kelceyme on Tumblr)
  • What we think of Taylor (owsely for those who don't know her first name, though you should)
  • among other things.
Right now, I'm working on changing up the Blogger Theme to something usable and different, as well as our Tumblr.

I'll also be on probably until 2am answering and unloading questions from the Inbox. 


Big stuff. Biiiiig stuff.

(you'll have to excuse the fucked-up helvetica, it's my computer's fault because it doesn't render properly, since it's made for Mac OS)
  • as a continuance of the above post, this question (also screen shotted below) marks that it is fake. When Brookelle answers questions (at least, all the time in the past) she doesn't space her question marks - this being something fakes, and people who have to translate to English, end up doing because they copy + paste + ? with a space in the middle. Note that the question the anonymous sent also has the " ?"

  • We are so close to reaching 100,000 views on Blogger, and that makes me excited. That means that 100,000 of you (more or less) have continued/stumbled up/came to this blog to read our posts and that, to most people, is a very large milestone. My tumblr and the Spot Your Fail tumblr don't even have that many views combined (and I got almost a thousand page views last week alone!?!?!?). We'd like to thank you for that (or at least me, for now. I heard that Rachel is busy with work and an engagement and I think Austin is just taking a break to enjoy his time with his girlfriend.) with endless love, and yes, we will always continue to post here (even if it's slow for right now) because it's what you people want to see.
  • I don't know why none of us have posted about it, but we DO have a new Click the "" before this or click HERE for the new one (since some of you haven't seen it yet on Smackbrookelle's ask, or just didn't look). It's /SPOTYRFAIL without capital letters. :)
Umm, I'm not sure about some other stuff, apart from our last post being a very silly one because the entire picture was fake (not just the editing, the entire picture was pieced together by saveebrookelle, as found out. I believe the brookelle-fan-blog community posted about it, as well as the Facebook being fake as well (run by saveebrookelle)). So apologies, but at least you know what is edited on it now (with a few minor details that need to be changed, like our liquify actually being where it was cut too much in and then pasted and the lave dress being pasted in from another picture, the polka dot skirt probably from a completely different picture that isn't her, etc). Also, here's a new picture of Brookelle without editing.

Apart from that, there's nothing really new because none of us actually know Brookelle's real tumblr (and haven't cared or bothered to look because someone will most likely end up sending it to us anyway).

It's all kickin' off now, you knobs! 
(sorry, Gavin Free hit me like a train and his slang is very... catchy, to say the least).


We haven't updated in a while and we're sorry for that. (mostly because we haven't had much to go on, besides Maddy's new video to Brookelle - which is beautifully worded and I applaud it fully - and the tip we got from foxyyknox on tumblr) But, with Brookelle's new Facebook I found a great fail that I think even her "fans" can spot. Especially the one in blue that I noticed immediately after seeing the original photo.

The picture below is from an analyzer that spots out differences in the noise in the picture. It's actually explained on the site but, it doesn't link when I try to do it without breaking. :( Basically, all of the red circles are abnormalities in the 'base' noise (if you will) that indicate that something was edited. There was a Felice Fawn post somewhere that I saw that deals with the same analyzer and what it does.

The bigger noise parts are all where she blurred something (on her arms and upper body). The one near her arm is where it was liquified too much and the noise got fucked up plus where her skirt is fucked up. Same with the other side.

You're welcome, and yes, we'll continue to do fails as long as they're legitimate and have a source.


  • Go here to ask us questions, since our account is gone, and we don't know why. We're working to get it back.
  • I'll be gone for the next week. My girlfriend and I are taking a vacation. She also has a tumblr, which you guys can creep (if you can find it!)
  • Rachel will be doing fails on Brookelle soon, so stay tuned for those. 
  •  Taylor came to Maddy, not the other way around (Maddy's word, not mine.) 
  •  I'll be updating the Blogger template and the pages accordingly, since we need a change. 

 Yeah, that's not a lot, but, it is all the same. If anyone has suggestions for themes that would go nice with the blog (as in blogger), then feel free to send them in.


That deleting everything will not make it go away! Anons come and tell us about these things and we screen shot them! Getting rid of all of the questions in which you basically said Laura stabbed you in the back and the instagram comments are not going to go anywhere, especially if you don't delete them right away! Jesus!

Anyway, this all stemmed from a couple of questions Brookelle was asked, and apparently some other ones that didn't make the cut. Those were sent to me as well but they basically just call Brookelle out and she didn't post them.

That up there started because of this:

Laura posted this, everyone assumed it was about Brookelle.

And it was.

Brookelle tried to put all the blame on Laura,

then changed her answer when someone called her out it.

Then later decided to say that she had no idea what anyone was talking about.

The instagram comments of Brookelle's and the questions are all gone now, but Laura's are still there because I think she is not on currently. 

Her lies are finally brought to truth by Laura herself. I bet Brookelle is getting sick of dumped by friends who realize how bad she really is. Thought Rachel, Austin and I want to say to Laura, "I told you so!", we stand behind her against Brookelle because she needs the support, especially because of B's minions. And yes, I will call you B. Just try and fucking stop me.