Alright, you guys wanted to know how Brookelle edits herself smaller. This is how its done.
*I am in no way telling you to do this to your own photos, as I find it tacky and stupid and just plain selfish of you to do so. I am only showing you guys how.

Alright so first, I opened my image (I just used a photo of Gwen because it's easy) and went to Filter -> Liquify or Shift-CTRL-X.

This should pop up:
The first thing that she used is (probably) the Freeze Mask Tool (basically keeps the background the same and tells your brush not to move the background).
Paint it around the parts of the background that you DON'T want to be stretched or pulled:
Next, go to the Forward Warp Tool (highlighted and showed in this screenshot):
It would have been hard to show you how it ended up using screenshots, so here's a GIF of what it looked like, before and after:

(you might have to view the full size to see it. Here's a link as well: )

Anyway, it's really fucking easy to do this, though when you have a certain type of background or pattern in a photo, it ends up like this(far right circle):

Forehead clearly edited the wrinkles magically vanish in the middle of her head....the bloating used on the boobs, unhealthily thin frame, massive eyes, hair and head ...What's not edited in these photos...need I say more? Meet Kissie... I don't think I even need to circle the fails in the rest of these photos seeing as they are so obvious it's not even funny!! Kids, This is why you steer clear of plastic surgery and photoshop combine! Her head and boobs just look so awkwardly out of place compared to the rest of's unreal!!