Just in time for Halloween.

Alright we all remember this photo, right?:
WELL SHE DID IT AGAIN! Refer to the top photo, the zoomed in part above all that writing. The line IS there, and if I used photoshop to sharped up the image like so:

A normal chin doesn't make a line like that. Sorry Brookelle, but I think I've done enough fails to show that you can no longer deny photoshopping. ;D

Now, for those who have seen Vanna's photos, one would expect her to be "photoshopped".
She's not. It's called Picnik, an app that is like Photoshop, but it's different.
Even unedited, she looks almost no different. 
Here are a shit ton of unedited photos of her:

And, an edited/unedited mashup. Can you tell the difference? Just barely.

There's a HUGE difference between photoshopping and using filters. 

Can't deny that she edits..again.

Original image:

What I saw:

For the topmost box...that is an eight, not a six. And that's probably edited to, as Wrangler doesn't use that font for sizes. :)

For the middle box: Cameltoe much?! Also, you can see that her leg is too fat for those shorts. Edited.

For the bottom box: You can see where the chair bends down near the bottom, and where the wood is bent out wider than normal.


Keeps saying she "doesn't Photoshop" I decided to step up MY game and make a post SHOWING you that she does! By now it shouldn't be hard to know that she does, but there are still some skeptics. So this is to prove those skeptics wrong. 

The original image, uploaded from HER tumblr:

The fails on said photo. I even zoomed in on some parts to show you what I saw when looking at this photo/zooming in to see what was wrong with it:

The zoomed in parts:
Her lip: Plumped up via Photoshop. You can see where it is uneven. 
Her chin: You can see the spots where it is uneven.
The far-left zoom: That little light line next to her chin is also her chin. That is how far out it really goes, as apposed to the other side of her face. Not to mention that skin is almost completely gray, blotchy, and awkward?

The lines link each circle to each zoomed in photo, EXCEPT for the one pointing from her forehead to her cheek, and the one on her arms. Here's why:

Her forehead skin and the skin past her eyes are TWO DIFFERENT COLORS. Her forehead is orangy-toned, and her cheek is a more grayish color. I own a BlackBerry/have seen other BB photos in this type of light. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOUR SKIN TWO DIFFERENT COLORS!

Now for her arms. If you look at the one holding the BB, and the one laying around, they're two different sizes. The one holding the BB is small, and the one laying around is almost double the width. That doesn't happen with this type of perspective. 

Now do you people see that she edits?!

ONE: I am not from Smackbrookelle! Jesus Christ! So stop fucking saying I am. All they did was suggest that I did fails, so they could move on from doing 100 million fails of Brookelle. Hell, the fails were actually wanted by someone, and I told them I would do the fails. They posted a bunch of MY fails that I made for them so that the person claiming she doesn't edit would shut up.

TWO: I am in college for Graphic Design/Web Design. This MEANS we learn the basics and advances of Photoshop to further help us when we need to make website templates or we need to make graphics. Therefore I am technically QUALIFIED to say if Brookelle's photos are photoshopped or not.

THREE: I think it's funny how you think that I'm Smack. Smack doesn't have pink hair or live in America, the last time I checked. 

Now shut the fuck up about me being Smack. As much as I love the site, I am not her. I'm a lot more cold, bitchy, and I have no remorse for those I post.