is her link to see all the non-sharpened photos.
Now, before you continue, READ THIS:
-Notice how in almost every photo there are TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF NOISE. Especially in the iPhone-looking photos. iPhone photo noise is big and bulky, whereas photoshop noise is smooth and small. It's easy to see in some photos, and in others I pointed it out.


(it's easiest to see in this one..the harsh noise and speckles are from the mac computer's web cam, the smooth is the photoshopped skin)

(it's easy to see in this one as well, because her skin on her face has curved lines, indicating that gaussian blur was used, but no noise like she ended up learning how to use in recent photos)

Keep denying it all you want, and keep having your "friends" say you really look like that, but you don't. And I don't think so. I know so. :)

Alright, I pointed something out in the third photo down (the one with the shoes). Notice how in the dark parts where I circled, (near the heel of the shoe) has BLUE noise in it. Notice how in every other photo where it is completely black, there is no navy blue noise. Weird, huh?

Also, in the second photo down, notice how she possibly tried to remove a bra strap from her uncovered shoulder and failed to fix her shoulder.

We all remember this photo right?

“YEAH, BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE ANYTHING…the only things I know how to FIX are colour, contrast, and zits”

Yet right here she states that she used photoshop to "touch it up and make it look cool".

Sorry Bailey but you only said you knew how to fix things, not colour them and make it look cool using filters and other tools :)

You idiots keep saying she doesn't.
Well fuck you, SHE DOES. Just because she uploads a photo to lockerz or facebook, it doesn't have to be mobile to post it.

You can see where the pixels are stretched in the low/high exposure images and the sharpened images as well. She also burns the curves of her breasts so they appear bigger, and blurs a couple spots in her photos. :)