your jawline and gut sure change a lot when you don't have the chance to edit them!
(these I believe were off of Zac's facebook, but Smack sent them to me and I cropped out the useless bits)
(also the black lines are so that it is harder to edit them out)

This one is the most obvious. Look how fat her face is and look at her legs and gut.

Look at how chunky her left (our right) arm is compared to the other. Jesus.

Again, look at her gut and her thoughts and arms.

There's no denying it any more, Brookelle, bu of course you will because you just can't seem to admit how wrong you are.

Or two.
The person who normally does my fails told me that Nat said I was just a fan in denial.
Why would I be a fan of a gnat? They're stupid, small, useless, and annoying! they get eaten up and killed by the bigger insects, and all they do is buzz around your head and walk around on your skin like little bitches. Sorry brah, but I'm far from a fan. You're just upset that you've been proved wrong.

I bet ANYONE that knows you in real life would tell me that you look NOTHING like what you do in my photos, as the person who did my fails said, because apparently they know you irl too.

Anyway, have yet another fail--not from the submitter, but from an anon on another photos.

about Allison, is she posts THIS EXACT PHOTO saying "Going to In N Out~", right?

I want you to take notice to the blackness of her hair and the fact that it is a. PNG file format.
Now, this is off of her phone, as the quality of the photo and the faint lines that go across it.

I'm also pointing out in this:

That some of her hair is NOT black, though the way the lighting is, where it starts to go black, it shouldn't.

This is the photo zoomed in. It looks as though it is almost painted on, like she colored it in with black.

Here's what it looks like enlarged and with an exposure done to it. I pointed out all of the spots where it fades and shouldn't, where the 'hair' lines are too hard to be actual hair, and basically where it doesn't look right.

Now, why is it that the next photo she posts, entitled "I'm so plain lately",

her hair isn't black as night and it's in .JPG format?

Doesn't that seem just a TADDDDDD weird to you? <3