I've been the one asking you if that girl Marissa does fails and you said she does.
Can you do fails on the photos in this e-mail? Because I don't get how this: 

Turns to this:

Here are a few of her other photos.

She looks completely different compared to these photos:

Please keep this anonomous. I really don't want my name out there or to be involved in any drama. I think it's amazing how you put up with it all :(
You don't even have to post if you would rather not, but I just want to know what she edits.

PS. My sister is the one who showed me your site, because she completely disagrees with it, but I thought you should know I love what you're doing! I used to be so down on myself, because I couldn't beleive all of these girls seemed so beautiful and perfect and when I looked at myself I felt horrible about it. I think with all the hate you get, you deserve some appreciation. I've told my sister to get over herself on several occasions in your deffense ;)
Just thought you should know, you have some fans out here! <3

Thank you!"

Actually, it's because she does edit, haha. It's easy to see that she edits her jaw line smaller, her eyes bigger, and probably her body smaller too. She tries to edit her skin smoother but it doesn't work. :)


you really fucked up with trying to prove yourself to be real.
Remember this photo?

He admitted to photoshopping it right here:
His video proof also highly differs from the photo. Here, for a split second, he showed his entire face and didn't realize that we can view the video frame by frame.

Hmmmm, where have we seen that hair cut and that face before?

Ohhhh yeahhh. LOL

Also, you fucking retard, you did say your name was "Gretchen":


Here is another novel-like post.
You want to know how I know that Damian is behind BMG? Well, here's some 'proof':

  • His translator failed him quite a few times:

Why is it his grammar is so bad here, yet it is perfect in this post?:

I know this is only one proof, but this next one will have you really thinking it over.
Damian's biggest fuck up is right here. He posted this photo as "proof" that he is not "Ally" (which he's not).

Now, pay attention to these things:
  • The handwriting
  • The hand/fingers 
Then take a look at this photo that he posted a while ago on his blog:


Also, I believe he is wearing this shirt in that photo:

Now, I get that the head is a female, but come on. Damian is really good at photoshopping photos (http://bewaredamianwozniel.blogspot.com/). I believe that he used a girl named Rebecca Letova(http://vk.com/sinridden), aka one of the owners of this VK group: http://vk.com/bellerenee. Her eyes and "Gretchen"'s eyes are the exact same, as is the hair. 

That's all.

After Skigh made a video saying she was literally done with the 'sheep' (brookelle and her idiot friends), little miss Ally seems to keep talking shit on her!

This was an email that Skigh forwarded to me, and I thought I would show you exactly what it says.

Just sit and read it, have a laugh.
First off, if Skigh is anywhere near fat, that makes me anorexic, regardless of my pregnancy or not.
Second off, Skigh only has one child. She's also far from thirty. She's twenty-fucking-four. You're in your twenties too, sweetheart! Twenty-four is not old in any way. You're fucking retarded.
Third, if you "can't be bothered to email you, really", then why are you emailing her n the first place, instead of being an adult like you are and letting it the fuck go. Skigh already let go, so why the fuck can't you? Or do you strive for the attention that you get because you were one of Brookelle's old friends and it made you 'famous'?
Fourth, and I'll say it again, how is Skigh saying that she doesn't care about Brookelle anymore mean it's a fan video? Honestly, how is it? I'd love to fucking know. Also, "fan videos"? Why is it plural? It was one fucking video!
Fifth, you just called her fat and for no reason at all. Did you forget that the camera adds ten pounds, she had a fucking child in her womb for nine months and gained weight because of it, and the fact that the camera was down a little and is facing up a bit make her fat? If she's fat, that again, I'm anorexic.
Sixth, "don't reply". Why? Are you afraid that she's going to defend herself and you're going to be wrong no matter what you do? If you have the motherfucking balls to talk shit to someone, at least have the decency to let them defend themselves. Oh wait, you have no decency!

Seriously. Get a goddamn life, you complain about her being obbsessed and all of this other shit, yet she has a kid that she takes care of (rather beautifully, at that) and a husband that's in the army and over in Afganastan? You call her obsessive and has no life. It's not like she has to watch her kid twenty four seven and talk to her hubby twenty four seven to have a life. You're pathetic.

And last but not least, I was the only one who saw the video in the first place. She sent it to me to clear up all of that bullshit about BMG. Not once did she give it to me and say "HERE THIS IS FOR ALLY SHE'S A BITCH." No, she sent it to me (http://ask.fm/spotyourfail/answer/9000003494412 if you don't believe me) since she knew Smackbrookelle probably wouldn't post it, like she said. The video was private and I asked her to allow me to be able to see it, which she did. Get over yourself. She didn't mention you, she didn't mention your name or anything about you. She was calling out whoever created the site (aka Damian, which I will prove in my next post), not you.


These were both taken on the same day, correct? (one week ago)

Why is her facial structure completely different?

The differences:

-Her nose is wider in the black and white photo
-Her eyes are squatter (not as long and big) in the black and white photo
-Her lips are thinner in the black and white photo
-Her chin is wider in the black and white photo
-Her neck is meater in the black and white photo
-Her eyebrows are two different shapes
-Her skin is wrinklier in the black and white photo (though in the color photo it's perfect, even though you would be able to see wrinkles that prominent).

There's so much more but I won't bother with it. Also notice how bad her teeth look compared to the other photos of her.

(Thanks to Smackbrookelle as well for providing me with the URL to the video)

and a GIF so you fuck tards can't say I edited it (it's the last part of the video)

Notice how her bottom teeth are fucked up, her lips are tiny, her face is wide, her cheeks are chunky, her eyes are small and dark, her shoulders are wide, etc.

Okay okay
now look at that
then look at all of these:

Kind of funny how she looks NOTHING like she does in the video, huh?

So you can shut the fuck up "Brookelle F******", because you're in denial.

but your Christian Louboutin shoes are fake.
First off, I want to say that if you look at her left heel, you can see the "L" very faintly, and these are red bottoms. There is only one person in the entire world who coined the red bottoms. And that's Christian Louboutin.

Want to know how I know?

One: The heel of her shoes would be SQUARE, not round. Here are a pair of real Christian Louboutin shoes.

Notice how the heels are square, not round (even from the back view). 

Two: Notice how the logo of his is prominent. It's not in Brookelle's.


This photo isn't anything new, but I just want to point out a few things...

The image on the right is one that Brookelle had posted on her tumblr a while ago, See how gaunt and off she looks in the face? It almost doesn't even look like her as opposed to her other photos she always posts. Well, with the help of photoshop I reconstructed the photo of her jawline to show just how easy it is to manipulate a photo. If you ask me, I think it's funny that the edited photo on the left looks more like her and natural than what the actual original photo she had posted does. Have a good think about just how easy a simple little edit can make such a huge difference in a photo.

Smackbrookelle brought this to my attention. These were Brittany's exact words:

"So I had a question...how can Bailey claim to be only 130 pounds and be 5'10"...but her thighs touch?"

So, I decided to do some snooping.
In Bailey's replies, she has two questions:

Here are some screen shots in case she decided to delete the posts:

Now, in both she claims to be 130 pounds (59kg roughly equals 130 pounds), right?
And in these photos you can see how 'thin' her body 'is':

Yet not two photo posts of herself back, she posted this photo:

Why is her waist two different sizes?

Now, also, why do her thighs touch? If she was so thin, her thighs would be like mine: an inch or two apart and not meaty. Here's a shit ton of photos in which her thighs touch (even though she's standing normally):

Now why is it that in these photos:

Her legs are stick thin?
Also notice that in every photo, her legs are different sizes regardless. Her arms do the same, too.

Photoshop will do that to you.