Please, Aly, try and tell everyone that you didn't call yourself Aly Jayne before... I'd love to see you try.

It's linked to her real instagram, too. LOL.

And here's a more recent one. It's "steezysinner" now LOL.

She can also say it's fake all she wants but the profile photo is linked to her real facebook and I doubt any one would want to fake her, given her horrible reputation.

I guess this is a lie too, since you're ~famous~ and all (HA). So go ahead Maddy, believe my "lies" some more.


The photos i used were taken a few minutes after each other.... all in the same day.

(bottom to top)

Now why is it that when I did the same transition like I did the first time.... her lips are two different sizes (even though these were taken on the same day, in the same hour..)?

*note that her eyebrows are nearly perfectly matched up and so are her eyes*


an image analyzer that will spot out anything out of the ordinary. It is flawed, as the person who made it said, but it's done some good for me. For instance.

Look pretty "normal" right? ;)

After being put through said analyzer. There are a few things to point out, which I will.

-The large circles around the sides of her chin show you that it is edited. Notice how anywhere else around her face, there is no bright noise going around it; because it isn't edited. (this is flawed, the sentence, I know, but you get the point).
-The circle around MINKPINK proves that it was edited on, and so was the tag's words (which I didn't circle, but you get the point)
-The circle inside her lips is where it was more than likely edited bigger.
-The circle just to the right of that, the one in the middle of her forehead, and the one off to the side near her hair are all where she got rid of pimples, or other blemishes.
-The one on her forehead is something that doesn't belong. As you can easily see, along her chin and the rest of her forehead, it is bright from the computer light, but the noise is consistent. It's not like it with the part I circled.

Hm, let's try this photo now. We all know it's edited already be simply looking at her legs, but letttttttttt's see what the analyzer thinks (now, again, remember that it doesn't show liquification, but inconsistencies in the noise).

A little less, but it's still there.

The sharper noise is the inconsistency.

You get the point now, right? I'll do this with Allison's photos too, since there's more actual-camera photos.


It's another fake and the person behind it to add to their list.

A while back, a girl named "Lyla Frosth" emailed me and asked for the video. When I said she wasn't getting it she insisted on telling me why, in which I told her that she's just not getting it.

She called me rude and never emailed me back. I now know why.

She's running a fake Brookelle Tumblr.

How I know this? Someone emailed me (i will keep her anonymous) for the password to my Spot Tumblr and I looked her up (on Tumblr) as a Yahoo contact to make sure. While doing this, it showed me all of my contacts that have tumblr. And guess what email was underneath the fake Brookelle? "Lyla Frosth"'s.

Funny shit, man. If I were you I'd report it, and Maddy, if you see this, you should tell Brookelle to report it too.


regarding Ms. Maddy and Ms. Aly, the tumblr URL steal andddd the fake facebook account.

Maddy did e-mail me, instead of freaking out, and we had a small-but-sweet conversation about Aly. These are straight from the horse's mouth (it's an idiom, you guys), and I got permission to post them while leaving out her information.

I left out the first part because it didn't really need to be known.
(also shown is her birth date, and I'll get to the screen shot in a moment)

Again, I left that out for personal reasons so Aly won't know.

Now, as you can see, Maddy has had trouble with Alyssa too. According to Maddy, Alyssa made a fake facebook account of her and is telling people that it is the real Maddy, on top of copying her every move.

Anywho, onto the tumblr speakings between Maddy and Aly. Maddy went to Aly stating simply that Alyssa was copying her URLs (which she was and is) and she was asking why. (the bottom ask). When she made those rude remarks and rude answer in general, Maddy sent her another ask, and it went so. I will admit that Maddy's second remark was a little rude (but it is truthful). But just have a read at this and laugh at the so completely over-used "I took this URL because it was free and I wanted it," which would still make her creepy because, well, steezy is Brookelle's friends' clothing line.

Now that that is settled, onto the Facebook.

The link is

(also note the fake Brookelle, the multiple fake sitemodels, and the fake Snooki.. screen shot below in case she decides to hide it).

I'm not sure about Aly talking about it, but I do trust Maddy on this (despite our indifference(s) in the past).

Moving on, these were just sent in.

Here's proof that the Twitter is Aly's, and as much as she wants to say it, she used to call herself "Aly Jayne" on Facebook because of "Legal reasons" (anyone who was here when lets-hit was around would know this, and it's probably in my archive somewhere).

Also, here is another ask answered by Aly. I love how she throws around that Maddy only believes what I say, yet she did some snooping herself (the screen shot above was sent by Maddy).

Seems as though someone is getting VERY defensive over something she DOESN'T CARE ABOUT.
Anyway, I'll wrap this post up because I am on a time-schedule for an anon who wants to see it. I hope this enlightens some of you about just how stalker-ish Aly is, and I'm not a liar or a stalker who stalks her. If anything, it's the other way around. I'm surprised she hasn't made a fake of me yet, LOL.


sent me this ask:

Yeah, I get that it says "Bell Mobility" but weigh it out:

-Aly owns an Android, it's from an Android phone
-The IP address (both of them, actually) starts with a 2 (like she said)
-It's from Grimsby/the surrounding area

whoops. Looks like someone's been busted Y E T   A G A I N.


She's horrible at keeping up with her own lies.

First she says that her boob job is booked in April (the original post that she made saying it has since been deleted, I think, but she forgot to delete the ask), she responds with 'it's only hit the 4th day of April, there's 26 more days remaining in the month. You're an idiot."

Now that it's towards the end of the month (literally a week before her lie is proved to be, well, a lie), she isn't telling anyone the date, even though she specified at the beginning of the month and even before that, that it is in April.


Why do you do this?
I made this site for Smackbrookelle. It is basically a side-project of theirs. Brittany asked me to make one so that I could spot fails without having to email them all the time to post the edit fails. After a while I expanded my horizon, so to speak, to ex-scene queens, and then to really anyone who needed help pointing out fails or was curious about if someone is photoshopped. Then I sent it in to my college professor as extra credit and it became sort of a school project. But it's mainly because Smack asked me to make one, so thank her for bringing up the initial idea!
Why haven't you done my submission/answered my question?
I am really busy with school, my baby and my job, so I don't have much time to do fails anymore/I usually answer questions more frequently on my account.
*insert some sort of hate here*
I won't bother responding, unless it's so pathetically funny that I must. I usually use GIFs to reply to them.
*insert support here*
Thank you. I'm glad that you've been able to see the light or you think what I do is good, etc. It means a lot but I can't answer them all the time.
*I answer non-anonymous questions privately unless I can't because I am mobile*
What do you look like?
I look like this.
Where can we read more about you?
In my about me page on my blog.
Who is *insert person here*?
Go through my tags to see who they are, what they look like and the fails I do.
How old are you?
I am in my twenties.
Where do you live?
I live in Chicago, Illinois with my fiance, Tyler.
How do you spot out fails?
It's quite easy, really. I over/under expose the photo and sharpen it once or twice to see if there is anything out of the ordinary, like disturbed or stretched pixels that shouldn't be there. I also take the exposed/sharpened photo and double it's pixel percentage to view things clearly.
Your name isn't Rachel, it's Summer and you're from Allentown, not Chicago!
No, it isn't. I have proved this countless times on my blog, I've posted proofs and many other things. Besides, if I wasn't myself, then don't you think you would have found the photos of the girl I am "faking"? And a good little post to read (completely, not just skim) is this one, made by Summer herself, explaining the entire situation. If you go back to the blog page, you will also see that there is a site trying to say the same thing called fakeebusterr. They haven't posted about me since I proved her wrong about me supposedly being Summer (making two proofs and then a proof-GIF).
Who is "Aly" and what is your beef with her?
She's this little girl from Ontario, Canada who insists on trying to point out non-existent "fails" that I make. Once she realized that she wasn't going to be able to prove anything other than me occasionally making a sarcastic remark, she deleted her site. She "vowed" never to talk about my site again but she keeps coming back to it and talking even more smack. I honestly thinks it's because she doesn't have anything other to do than talk about me. She says she's busy but she always finds time to come to my and harass me, and make posts about me on her tumblr. She also is hell-bent on proving that she doesn't come to my site, and gets defensive when anyone says different. That should stand for itself.

Posted in

This is a half submission. The screen shots from tumblr you see are from someone who follows her (I believe the same person who sent me this ask, telling me that Aly's new tumblr is Maddy's old one).

I know Aly doesn't follow me, but sugar-babi does (we'll get to why I included Aly in this in a moment). Now, she says she's from Florida(1, ss, 2, ss), correct?

And she follows me, right?

Now, she can't see my posts on her dashboard, so she'd have to go to my tumblr to physically see them, and I know the ones from North Dakota are presumably from Demmi/Under (because she lives there). Skigh, who follows my tumblr, is not from Canada, and neither is Summer (who also follows me).

So....why is this from Canada when she lives in Florida?

This is a cracksumption, again, but I am 99.99999% sure that Aly and sugar-babi are the same person.

Remember this post that I made, in which I called out aly for having the same I.P. address as someone who visited my blog around 5-6 times in one shot?

It's the same I.P. address. The exact same.

Notice the time that the person was on my blog (about an hour ago). Now, if I am not mistaken, is in the same timezone as I am, or a little over. Not sure which, oops. But anyway, Aly was on from 7:20am to around 10:am (central time, and eastern standard for the screen shots, also: screen shots provided by someone who follows her, thankfully).

(proof(1, 2) that I don't follow her on either of my accounts).

Anyway, like I said it's a cracksumption, but come on. Sometimes IPnoid doesn't show the right town but it showes the right area, always. And Aly is from Ontario, is she not? This just doesn't add up, because Aly doesn't follow me (and if you look at the ipnoid screen shot, you can see that it is from "tumblr/following")!

Feel free to go to the tumblr, it's not there anymore because I got bored and changed it. Didn't fit. ha.


Ever since I've started this blog, it's changed and adapted to the internet's awesome lifestyle. And so have I. I will admit to becoming a bitch, a cunt, and all of that (but I can sort of blame that on hormones. I've been in a bitch in real life too since the baby). I've had a bunch of people disagree with me. I've had a bunch of people support me. But, as all good things, they must come to an end. Or an understand. Or something, I don't know. I'm tired for being up all night with painful kicking. What should I do with this blog?

I've been debating on whether or not I should just delete every post everywhere, delete everything on, and then start over, or what? I really want to--I mean all kinds of people do it all the time. I've also wanted to change the name up a bit, and go for a more wider variety of fails (meaning not just girls, there are guys who edit too!). I just don't know.

As for right now I am undecided.

Email me or send me an ask or something like that. I just need opinions besides my own, ha-ha.


but i found this funny. Remember about.. two months ago Brookelle posted this text(screen shot in case she deletes it), saying that she has an IP tracer on her blog and this person from Brisbane keeps ~stalking~ her? Well, erm, she doesn't have one on her blog and never did. If you go here, you can easily see in her view-source that there is no IP logger on it. I searched tracker, IP (with a space), log, etc, and nothing.

See? You can even go through the codes without that and look for yourself.

Again, petty, I know, but still. She lies, and will always lie.


is trying to kiss ass.

Why not just put them both in one post, instead of waiting well over three hours between posts to do it? Did you forget that Maddy was "supposedly" your friend?

I guess this is Brookelle's petty way of trying to make up to Maddy for the horrible thing she probably did to her a few days ago (see previous post).