For starters, Bailee is a part of a 'hate site' about Smackbrookelle (yeah, a hate blog about a truth blog. It's pointless, lol) called "Smack Brittany and Audrina." Now, the only reason I'm making this post is because I know, for a fact, who it is because she contacted me on my AIM account (spotyrfail) and tried to troll me, but failed. We all remember this post, right? In which I called out Bianca for being "Bailee" (Tis not in the transcripts but it's a little after I called her Bianca that she said her name was Bailee and she got really pissed off when I kept calling her Bianca and counter-trolled her). Now, this post is to prove that
Bailee is a liar and she doesn't know Brookelle at all, that Brookelle does edit her photos and you can see for yourself, and that Bailee contradicts herself way more than she should.

Starting with this first:

Bailee is making a "blogspot" to call out Brittany and Audrina, yet less than a year ago she said it wasn't worth her time and it was stupid. If it was stupid then, isn't it stupid now? I mean, come on.

She also used the wrong form of "waste..."

Onto to number two:

She said she knows Brookelle and has been a good friend of hers for a long time. That, is a lie.

When asked about if she knew Brookelle, and to post this and that, she posted information that literally anyone would know (see below). That's not proof that you know her, that's just proof that you visited sites and kept up on her information. Notice how she didn't post the Birth year, she didn't post her Friends names (even though if she was her friend, she'd know at least one of them), she didn't post what town she lived in (which people know), she didn't post her cell phone number (even though people have her BBM pin and it's more or less the same thing), and the rest is information that all of the Brookelle blogs know. She could have easily went to one of them and gotten this information (which isn't hard at all, LOL). 

Three: "Brookelle doesn't edit her photos!" First she said that Brookelle didn't edit that photo (see the posts below to see the photo):

Now, I knew this photo was edited before, though not like the one on Smack's blog. BUT, it is edited. There's a GIF at the bottom to show you that her face goes from wrinkled to smooth, and the lighting and contrast changes twice before she kept the final product. So yes, she DID edit the photo, and you see for yourself because the post and the photo is under the GIF. 

I had to cut down the size for it to fit on the blog, but the main differences are between Frames 1 and 2. This is what's going on, and the enlarged GIFs below will help you see them.

  1. Her face shape changes. She liquified the right (our left) side of her face and the left. 
  2. She cloned Zac's eye because it was closed. 
  3. She added highlights to the muscles in her neck to make them appear more skinny. 
  4. She made her chin longer to make her face appear thinner.
  5. She made her nose smaller. 
  6. She made her eyes bluer (which is true with what Bailee said, but that wasn't all).

So yes, Brookelle DID edit that photo (post, photo). Just like she edits all of her other photos. Brittany (Smack) and I debated waiting longer to do the whole "if you take off the _rX off of the photo or count down, the photo changes" thing, but it seems everyone knows it already so whatever. I'm making a point here and that's all that really matters.

For now, that's all I really have to say. Bailee does not know Brookelle, she is a liar and she has no fucking life. I'll ask Brittany and Audrina if they want to post this on theirs too, since it's a wide audience and it's hilarious enough to post.


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