In light of a couple recent asks, Nat Morley has been busted by the faithful Nat Morley Is Fake blog. This is just a post to help them (and they can take this post are repost it on their blog if they'd like).
So, Nat Morley "drew" this "amazing" photo of Tyler, the Creator.

She "sketched" it, and apparently Tyler saw the drawing (which this is true, his real formspring has two messages from her... too bad he doesn't know that it's a scam lol). She even posted a photo along with the WIP of it to "prove" that she "actually" drew him:

This is complete bullshit. As anyone (except her fan base) knows, Nat Morley is a sort-of-good photoshopper. Below is proof that the photo above is complete bullshit (open the image in a new tab or click here to see it full size!)

Now, for the fun part. I took her WIP (the scan), and placed it over top of the actual photo. Below is her WIP over the tyler photo at 50% opacity. Notice how in the red circle I only downsized and rotated it so it would fit (and the percentages are completely even to prove that I didn't hinder with it):

Here is the GIF of it overtop the actual photo. Also HERE if you want to see it.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. That's TOO real for my liking. The only differences is that the photo is brightened, obviously. This is NOT a scan. It's super fucking easy to do this in whatever she used and for with it to make it look real in photoshop. Also, a few things I'd like to point out on the "scanned" image:

Here is where she said that it was the "annoying scan lines".
No, you just liquified the parts I showed to make them look a little more realistic, but in turn failed horribly and made it more noticeable!
There is a bunch more, like her Eminem "drawing" (these were submitted):

This one's my favorite lol.

I hope this is enough proof for you people to actually see that THESE DRAWINGS ARE A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! DO NOT BUY THEM FROM HER!




    my version of the same drawing of Krizz Kaliko, but mine is the real deal lol