Anyway I basically had a rage moment and took it out on Allison (but I fee like I had a right to, since it angered more than just me and I was talking for a lot of people), and she made herself look like an idiot by denying her unhealthiness yet again (among other things). This is a LOT to read, so prepare yourselves.

Feeewww things, m'dear.

  • Yes, you are a horrible person. You're a horrible person because you're fake. You lie, set a bad example for all of the people who look up to you, set a false example of beauty to the world by Photoshopping your photos to hell and back, you literally just told every anorexic that they should just "unfollow me if they don't want to see them" and that "it's their fault, not mine" like a little fucking child. You're eighteen now. An adult. Learn to act like one. 
  • No, but you should be ashamed with the examples that your photos and body are putting on young girls. I can't stress that enough. By posting half-naked photos of yourself, photos with the same expression (which is getting old), photos that you have photoshopped and made your boniness stick out more, you're telling these girls that "oh, it's okay, I can have an eating disorder" or "oh, I guess I'm not pretty enough, I should starve myself to look like her." This is the classic case of a less-gothic Felice Fawn, m'dear. At least try to be compassionate about it instead of making it about you, you, you. 
  • The sad part is... you can help what your body looks like. By eating like a normal human being and not eating barely anything all day. There are people who have seen you in real life who are now coming to my site and telling me these things, and though I sort of don't believe them I wouldn't expect anything less. 
  • I doubt you're "attacked" everyday about your size (stop acting like people actually care other than "oh you're so skinny, I wish I could be as skinny as you!" and "omg you're so pretty!" You don't have anonymous enabled, and there are absolutely no posts "attacking" your weight in the tag. It's called trying to get you help. And maybe by "attacking" (which is hardly what it is) you'll go get help instead of denying that you're unhealthy and making a big sob story about something that can be overcome (though, as you lied, you obviously have not. You haven't gained weight, you've lost it). 
  • I haven't taken what you said too far. You're the one who basically told everyone to shut the fuck up, it's my body you can't stop me instead of being a normal person, who would have kindly deleted the photos, or said "Oh, I'm sorry my photos are triggering people, I'll try not to show off the most skinny parts of my body on purpose, let me privatize them at least."
  • What rumors? How is "allison is triggering me" and "allison is making me want to starve myself" and you having an unhealthy body a rumor? You can't defend a rumor when it's the truth!
  • You're trying not to look "too thin"? Read bullet number two. 
  • Really Allison? These people are "hating" you because they're triggering you? That's a crack-sumption. And I'm far from hating you sweetie. You throw around that word like it's something that I've done. The only thing I've done is proved that you're a liar, a photoshopper, and a horrible person. 
  • " am not purposely trying to influence anyone to hurt themselves to achieve my body, I am literally just posting photos of myself." --- No, you're not. It's easy to see by the way you handle yourself in photos that you're purposefully sticking your collarbones and the trenches (I use this sort of lightly) in your neck to look skinnier. 
  • " If you’re going to judge and despise me at least have a valid reason." HHHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Well let's see all the ways I can judge you (by knowing the truth): You're rude, anything about you that is right (that shows who you really are) gets deleted when you find it, you photoshop your photos, lie about your height, have done drugs in the past (and even now, which is totally setting a good example), fished for compliments multiple times, become a hypocrite and you are really rude in general. You're far from healthy, whether you say it or not, and you set a GREAT example for the people (cont) who look up to you (hence why you deleted all of the posts praising you, because you realized that you are a role model now). You're boyfriend was basically statutory rape-worthy, since you were underage when you apparently did sexual acts with him (which I have proved), and you do certain things on purpose to make people do this. I don't care about your eating disorder (I've had one myself, and I don't mean it like t h a t), but when you lie about more stuff than you can handle, someone is bound to dig up those lies and bring the truth to them. It's easy to see that you Photoshop your photos (and that's highly far from drama since you won't admit it, LOL), you purposefully stiffen yourself to make yourself look more bony (come on, who the fuck looks so stiff when "relaxing"?), and you complain about being ugly and then spam photos of yourself. If anything, you're nothing more than a product of internet fame, and I p i t y you. That's all. (this was actually the three ask reply I sent to her in response. I wonder if she'll post them LOL). 
I am fucking done here. Though I will continue to point out your lies and so will Underyourbreath, you're a pathetic human being and a horrible one at that. I know I'm not one to judge given my own past, but you're just downright horrible. 

TL;DR version: Stop being a drama queen and be a fucking adult because your lies, denial and sob-stories are getting you no where with someone who's dealt with the same fucking thing.

The internet never forgets, Allison. 


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