Alright, so I got a question on Spot's account pointing out - though I already knew - that Danielle's trying to say her eyes in this photo:

are her 'natural eyes' and they really look like that. (x):

That is utter bullshit. Alright so you saw the photo of her eyes. I am 99% sure they are contacts. Looking at a zoomed in version of this photo:

the outside of her iris is far too sharp to be 'natural'. Second. If her eyes were that blue, then why is it that in the above photo and the ones below... they're blue-grey?

In the first two, it's clear that there is vibrant blue - almost the same color as her eyes - in the photo, yet her eyes are still about the color of a blue-grey 'sky'. The third photo is just to show you that even with flash the photo is some-what vibrant and her eyes are still blue-grey.
So what is it going to be Dani? They are that blue or they aren't? Because it sure as hell looks (and is true that) like they aren't.

Self Explanatory ^

Also, update on Rachel. No, she hasn't gone into labor yet. It was a false alarm and this, according to her, happens a lot during now until she actually does go into labor. ("No, they said I'll have contractions but it's only because I'm nearing my due date")

So no, no little guy just yet that I know of but there might be a lot of false alarms in the near future.
This is Austin, going back to bed because it's fucking eight o'clock and I am tired.



You're not fooling anyone when in my last post I showed that you two clearly have the same windows. Besides, those can't be the ONLY windows in your house. <3

Second order of business. His theme.

2009 - Brookelle's Tumblr. No, I will not give out what I used to go back and see it because there are images on there that even the fakes don't have.

Damian's tumblr^

Brookelle's tumblr^

Notice anything similar? The "OHAI!" is the same one from Brookelle's tumblr. She did at one point have that entire little thing below Damian's picture on it too, but I'm not sure what happened to it. Also love how Austin reblogged that 'because fuck you that's why' photo on July 7th, and Damian now somehow has it on his blog on July 11th. Seems fishy to me LOL. 

And don't try and say it was an honest mistake because it isn't. It's in the exact same font, the EXACT same coloring, and even the theme has the same grey-background like Brookelle's. 


I didn't catch it before and I thought it was a person, but it's not.

On Elliot's Facebook post I posted in that ask, he says "men's best friend".
I thought nothing of it.

Turns out the fucking 'death' is a goddamn dog.
This dog, in her spaghetti video.

I would understand if it was a person, but a dog? I have never, ever in my entire life seen someone so stupidly, over-exagerratedly upset about a goddamn fucking dog.

But whatever. You guys will probably call this nit=picking, but look at all the fucking attention seeking. It's like she actually thought the fucking animal was a fucking human. Nice job on even fooling me, Brookelle.

And for the record, I'm not a heartless person. I lost the closest animal-friend I ever had when I was thirteen (I had him since I was a baby. It was a Rotty) and I didn't even cry or mourn as much as she is now. I buried him and got a new one and named her 'Fluffy 2.0' (mommy added the 2.0. his name was fluffy because he was supposed to be vicious).

But seriously. This is fucking ridiculous.

'paris' aka Damian posing as two people this time, is a fucking idiot and a retard and a liar and I don't even care how much backlash i get for using those words but I am at my wits fucking end with that little child.

Oh? It's 'pink'? It's fucking pink? NO IT'S NOT YOU DUMB FUCK.


God you are such a fuck ugh I can't I swear to fucking GOD.


-- to prove that you aren't you, because you're making yourself look like a fucking dumb ass.

This is Damian's new proof:

"I prefer to be insulted by what I am. As you guys can see, Im not Damian. I dont have blue eyes, I dont hae brown hair and My nose is giant. SmackBrookelle and SYF are liars, they called me Damian and they were wrong.  if they lied about me, they can lie about Brookelle."

The bold part is my favorite. Now, anyone who owns a webcam will know that it often makes your eyes darker than what they are because the lighting is not bright (especially in this photo). Here are some examples (thanks to Summer for allowing me to use these photos):

Now as you can see in her other photos, she has blue eyes. They are black and dark in the above photos, even with bright lighting. It has NOTHING to do with 'oh my eyes aren't blue'. No. They can be blue and they're just dark because it's dark around your face. So, there goes that out the window.

Your nose is giant?
Sorry. But we all know you're a 'good' photoshopper and you can photoshop just about anything. You really think that's going to sway some people's opinions?

And my favorite:


These one's are my favorite, because it's CLEAR THEY ARE THE SAME BACKGROUND:

Looks like you have failed yet a-fucking-gain, Damian. Get off your little pussy ass and DO something with your life instead of STALKING A GIRL WHO WILL NEVER FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU!

No one's jaw line changes that much over the course of a few years. Your face doesn't go from wide to thin (and angles are not the answer). In the older photos, especially the ones with her super dark tan, you can see just how much she really tans and how gross it is. There's a few unedited photos in here (like the one of her and lauren and I think the birthday one), and it just shows how much she really does photoshop.