You did fake 'pretty' girls. A lot of them.

Did you forget all the evidence I believe Rachel posted a little while ago?

Here, I'll even post it all right here for you:

"You faked a LOT of people, jesus christ!
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Okay, so a lovely anonymous came to the ask and gave me so awesome info:
So apparently, she faked Dani Mansutti and had people actually believing it! This is from the tag for her Dani fake, "thespyingindie":

As you can see, with the Tumblr crushes, the "thespyingindie" link goes right with the icon that is Dani Mansutii. As you can also see, she used the same tumblr as the current to ask questions, and that's where she fucked up.
She then went to "honeybronze" and told her she wasn't fake:

But here, after she made the fake comments to this person named honeybronze^, she claimed as her new fake, "Littlebluejays" that she had no idea what people were talking about" (just look at the tag for it if you don't believe me).

Now, when you go to the tag "littlebluejays" it's a completely different person, but the same account that she claimed she made "a week ago":

 Now, thankfully, the last two posts in the tag have an icon that is from her 'littlebluejays' days.
If you have The Missing E, there is a thing called magnifier, and using it, you can see icons at 512x512px.
What you do is put "512" in place of the "16/64/128")
This is the icon above, at 512 px.

Huh. Doesn't look like Taylor to me. There is just a lot of stuff going on right now about her faking. She claimed she only faked Melissa, yet here's your proof she faked more than just that. Sad, sad.
And she claims that the deactivated tumblr with the same name was a fake with an icon of Chelsea Doll. I'm 99% sure that is Chelsea Doll's old tumblr and she took the URL, because she emailed me (pictured below) telling me Chelsea's "real" (I use quotes because it could be her faking her, IDK) accounts. Weird how she knows them but she claims the tumblr is fake... Hm....

I will update if I get an answer, because I had someone with Facebook send Chelsea a message.

According to miss "Brookelle's Biggest Fan", she's currently in Newcastle for her schooling... Hmmm... I think not.

She claims in the above screen shot that she is in Newcastle as of right now for university. Well, that's a lie, because right here on my tracker it claims that she is still in Liverpool.

I can only imagine her answer.

"Well it's from my iPad so it doesn't actually say it's from Newcastle, because I got it in Liverpool."
Uh, no. No matter where you are your IP address from your mobile phone will show your location. If that was the case then GPS trackers and IP trackers for the government wouldn't show the correct location of a cellphone (or in this case, iPad) to catch a criminal. 


to go along with Smack's post, I need to get rid of these screen shots so here's all of the shit that went down on Brookelle's tumblr before she up and deleted most of it. In chronological order.

There were questions I sent her but she never answered.

And, like I said, all of the 'hate mail' doesn't even make up 1% of her inbox. 

She will almost never respond to anyone that doesn't send her hate--unless it's herself defending herself against the anons, like bjimmytexas stated, but she'll answer hate with some witty comment to make herself look big and bad:


Let's see Taylor try and get out of this one. Alright, so around last night, some anonymous individual (who was actually a friend of mine from California, but we'll get to that later), decided it would be fun as shit to troll the hell out of Taylor by calling her a paedophile (see below):

Now, on another note: It's possible for women to be a paedophile, even straight white girls. Being a paedophile does not mean you have to be a 40-something year old male who likes little boys. No. A paedophile/pedophilia is when a person is attracted to prepubescent human beings (usually a 16 year old attracted to a 13 year old, etc, etc). You're just stereotyping now and that's kind of fucking low of you.

Okay, anyway, she refreshed it after Taylor answered it and sent her this question:

Now this Anon was not the same as my friend from Cali. This was some other person I have no idea who they are (and my friend can attest to that if you really want me to ask her). She claims it's from the same IP address and then in the next question, claims it's Jim:

Now, the last time I remember, Jim's from Michigan, just like you Taylor:

Hm.... how is it that they're Jim, when my friend is a white female from California?

(I got permission to post this, just so you all know).

She also gave me her brower history so you can see that she kept going to Taylor's page (it only showed up once because it was refreshed):

the best part? You won't even post the IP address.

You claim that you cannot view it because it is "through Firefox". This is a bullshit lie. Your "IP tracker" is a freehostedscripts IP tracker and you can go to the site and view it at any time if you wanted to (see below):

That is the only script on your blog. And you know what it does? you click it and it takes you here, where you can see exactly where that person is from. You just won't post that they were from California, not Michigan, because you don't want to get caught.

Hm..... let's see you try and explain this one....

(an added bonus is the convo we had. I'm green, she's blue)