Ever stop to think that I didn't GET any questions because I BLOCKED YOU and you're the ONLY ONE who cares about it?

See? You haven't been able to ask me questions since, have you? :) The other two haven't either.

But go ahead. Go make a fake account and ask me questions, which I will gladly fucking answer because I know I'm right regardless.

You have windows 7, correct? go to that photo and go to its properties. Go see what 'editing' program was used to make that photo. It was far from photoshop, because it wasn't photoshopped. I screen shotted it in paint and posted it, like I do with ALL of my fail photos.


She was asked what black listed meant, right?
The second ask above that anon clearly said that black list also means death list (a list you'd put someone on if you want to kill them)

Now when anon said that she was putting me on a death list --meaning she wants to kill me-- she tried to twist the anon's words around and say that she never said that
even though
she clearly said

"well then I guess I can use that word as well"
meaning she would use Death List.

And she calls me the idiot.


She didn't post my ask in reply to this answer where she said that I was asking her things, when I wasn't:
Which was this video sequence of me showing what asks she answered that were mine:

She posted the second ask I sent her (the one where I told her that I click the first answer twice).
And then she black listed me.

Obviously someone is upset that she was wrong, yet again.

So, some person who we will only call J, emailed me asking to take a photo down because she was in it. Her words exactly: "I do not know you and I do not want photos of me being posted over the internet."

Now...the photo I got was posting on MADDIE/MADDY'S TUMBLR. Now, what is Tumblr? Tumblr is a public blogging site...wait for it, wait for it....on the internet.

Now, why would you tell me you want it removed when it's on a goddamn site where anyone who has access to the internet can take it and use it? The main focus point of the goddamn photo wasn't even you, so please, kindly fuck off. The 'authorities' will do nothing because the photo was posted publicly. If you didn't want it taken, you shouldn't have allowed it to be posted in the first place.


Seeing as people have asked about this girl in the past, well... I finally got around to doing this post (since I haven't in a long while). Her names, Ria (aka Ladyalaska) And yes, she does indeed edit her photos. It's easy to tell she airbrushes her skin, tweaks her eyes... also kind of looks like she edits her eye-shadow on too. Just for all of those who were curious.