lol, Damian though he could get away by making 'SBfails" (smackbrookellefails' new site), but what he forgot is that he both tagged his posts as Brookelle Mckenzie and made a proof, thinking none of us would remember an old photo he posted in which he holds up a sign reading "Merry Xmas." He's trying to say that he isn't himself... but I have proof (naturally).

The 'photo' of Damian that he posted saying that he wasn't himself, Bailee, or Bianca:

Damian's 'Merry Xmas' photo that he posted on his VK account (since I don't have his tumblr anymore):

And last but not least - in case you can't see it - a small close up of Damian's hand so you can see that the fingers are the exact same:

Damian falsely lightened his hair in Photoshop (since he knows how to use it) to try and make it look like him but what he didn't realize is that Smack and I aren't fucking stupid and we definitely weren't born yesterday. Looks like you're not "Yursurf" and "Paris" probably doesn't fucking exist. Grow the fuck up and stop obsessing over someone who will NEVER care about you. It's pathetic and childish, just like yourself.


We all know this is a lie. That's why all of her Tumblr fakes disappear within days of them being created, and every time Smackbrookelle posts about another fake. We all know she stalks Smackbrookelle and knows about it, and she's the only person who can get those Tumblrs deleted because she's the real Brookelle.

Aren't you with Zac, Brookelle? Are you really going to be that much of a vixen and say something like that? Why the fuck is Zac still with you if you're going to do something like this? But it doesn't matter, you're getting a taste of your own medicine - being ignored by someone who is actually famous and doesn't give a shit about you because you're just another 'band slut' who will try and get with any famous man she could.

Also, to anyone who wants to say that she 'cares' about her fans by answering them on twitter -

The only thing she's doing is saying "thank you" because both girls complimented her absolutely fake looks. And it's only two people besides the one in the first screen shot. Three twitter replies saying 'thank you' for compliments is not being nice or caring about your fans. It's just a fucking thank you. Now maybe if she was like 'aw, thanks for following! you're pretty!' or something to more than three of her little fan girls, I would sort of believe it, but she's not like that and never will be.

That's all.

  • I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. I'm too busy to do that because I'm getting closer and closer to Micah's arrival (my unborn son) and I haven't had time. 
  • I've someone who can take over this blog for me, so I am giving them the run down of what goes on and what they should do. No, I am not accepting applications as I have already chosen someone. It will not only be for this tumblr but for my blogspot, which is also rarely updated because I don't have time anymore.
  • Thank you for all of the new follows, it's greatly appreciated but I feel like I don't deserve them. I wanted to be a part of the community (Freelice), but after seeing how some of its blogs are acting towards the Omni-Parrilis Network, I don't want to be associated with them. I'd like to stay neutral, or in an environment where I'm not going to be judged for liking the system that OPN has, but stay out of the both networks/communities. 
  • I am, however, happy that I actually got accepted (I didn't think it would happen). So thank you for the opportunity, but it is not wanted anymore. I should've given notice or something but I, again, haven't had time.
  • I'd like to also thank all of the people who have messaged me, wishing me well on my pregnancy. I didn't post them because I didn't want to clutter the blog. 
I think that's about it. In about two days I will be introducing the new 'member' of this blog to the rest of you guys (here and on blogspot) because I already have chosen one and I just need to get them situated. Yes, you will get to (sort of) see who they are, and no it is not who most of you think it is. It's a male, and no it's not my fiance. That's all I can really say until the 22nd, and I hope you treat him just as kindly as most of you have treated me.
Thank you for reading this if you did, since I hope most of you will because it's sort of important.

Isn't it funny how when someone kindly goes to her and asks her who Smackbrookelle are, she says "okay, I'll post it" or "okay, I'm making a blogspot now, it'll be up there soon," yet when someone comes to her and goes "You don't know who they are, that's why you can't link them" she tells them she won't tell an anon?

Which is it going to be Bailee? Are you going to tell people or not? Your answers and the way you're postponing your big "I know who they are! !his is who they are!" post is making you seem like you don't know them--which you don't, lol.

See, two nice posts (sort of) and she's like "Oh, Okay, I'll post them now okay. :)"

BUT, when two angrier people who call her out for not knowing who they are, she gets defensive and tells them she won't post it because they're anons. Er, isn't it going to be a bunch of anons anyway when you make your big debut post?


Well would ya look at that. Here's your attention, Bai--I mean, Bianca. Get your fucking facts straight and stick to one lie, because you're horrible at it. Go delete like smackbrookellefails and do us all a favor. 


The first being their stats, so the blogs about Brookelle will know exactly who it is. I was wrong (yes), they're from Mexico (no fucking wonder their English is horrible, and that sounds racist but it is horrible).

As you can see, they came from their blog page to my site(boxed in red), which is how I got them.
Next, a rather idiotic anon went to their site and said that because I said "Okay?" in response to someone calling her a horse, it must mean it's Smackbrookelle! WOW! I never knew that saying "okay?" because I don't care about what she looks like, it means that I'm indicating that Smack is Skigh! Oh my god! THAT'S GROUNDBREAKING.

Onto the next one.
Let's compare her jawlines in an unedited photo vs. an edited photo. :)

She/he right here just proved that unedited Brookelle (the photo of her with that dude from Beauty and the Geek that she deleted seconds after posting it on her facebook) and an unedited video of her have the same jaw line. OF COURSE THEY WILL, BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH UNEDITED! Can you not see the difference in her entire appearance? She looks chubby, her make up is caked on (the powdery-ness), and her cheeks are huge!
Let's compare BOTH of these to an EDITED photo of Brookelle(just like how Under said to do, but SBF never did LOL). :)

On the bottom is this photo, one in which her face is straight forward. As you can see in the above, her lips, neck-lines and nose are matched up PERFECTLY. The faint shadow you can see jutting out from her real jawline is from the unedited video, and as you can see it makes more or less a halo around her real jaw line.
So yes, SHE DOES EDIT HER PHOTOS. I have also posted here a GIF in which it proves she edits her photos.

The only video we EVER stated she edited was her "No MySpace" video, which I proved WAS edited. Why else do you think her videos on tumblr were deleted within seconds of her uploading them (and I mean all of them except the one of her + Zac, in which the focus is on him and not her)? Because they proved she's a liar about photoshopping. We're not jealous of Brookelle. I like having soft skin, thank you very much. I like being actually thin, thank you very much. I like my jaw line and my nose and my eyes and my skin and every other part of my body, thank you very much.

Now go kindly delete your tumblr pl0x, because you're the liar here, not us. :)

May be doing a PT 2 to this. :D

That's all. -Rachel.