-- Just how much brookelle edits her fucking waist.

It's 8:00AM, I'm tired, I'm pissy, and this made my day. Whatever. Anyway, The "stripper bra" photo--as I am now calling it because that's what it is in general--is overlaid onto this... web cam photo of her, and it was sized accordingly to one half of her waist and the muscle in her neck (which you shall see). The red line in both photos (the 50% opacity so you can see the overlay of where I judged this from and in the 100% photo so you can see where her waist is) shows where the end of her iPhone-waist is compared to her web cam waist.

The proportions I used was... 70% both ways on Free Transform and I believe somewhere in the 40* to 60* rang clockwise. Neither are edited.

Yeah. That's all I need to fucking say right now. Her boobs are also lined up near-perfectly.

That's just how much Brookelle edits her photos. Yeah.


Hey, remember that post I made about our hate site in which I called them out?

Guess what asks that I posted screen shots of are officially gone.... the ones with her email.

Oh, okay.... why'd you delete them when you said you post everything and don't delete it?

But you forgot one...

You going to delete that too?

there's also all of the asks in which that anonymous proved you were from Mexico, not Texas. I wonder why you picked Texas in the first place? Oh, because it's CLOSE TO MEXICO (see what I did there with your whole "Rachel's birthday is August 27th and that's Summer's favorite day or whatever you said).

Now, here's about the Wing's Army thing. Behind the girl in THIS PHOTO (screen shot here in case she deletes that too) the zebra hoodie is a sign of sorts:

Now, when I zoom in on it (though it's blurry) you can clearly make out some words.

When flipped around and zoomed in even more,
You can clearly make out the words "WING'S ARMY" in capital letters.

When said place/thing/whatever it is (since she said herself it was in a bar):
(here answer here is pretty self explanatory, she acts as though it's okay for her to be in a 21+--or so presumed because everyone thinks she's in america--bar when she's only 19... weird, huh?)

Second, she's Hispanic, (as she said in this screen shot), which is the ethnicity of people from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, etc. Now, she's not from Spain or Cuba because she can speak English, so that leaves us with Mexico. In Mexico, the legal drinking age is........ *ba dum tiss* EIGHTEEN (18)!

Again: Coincidence? I think not.

(Come on guys, are you really going to believe this person when they're bigger hypocrites than what you all call us?)


Juuusttt in case.

I’m showing my passport to point something out in light of all of the drama surrounding Kotakoti’s passport. I’m not trying to defend her in any way, because I do think that it’s possible that she’s lying about her age. I also think it’s possible that she’s not lying. A lot of the evidence she gave us would normally be solid, but with her being such a known liar, and being a part of a family of known scammers, I think that it’s reasonable that many people still don’t trust the passport evidence.
One argument that has been made is that her bangs are down. Dakota has very thin, fine, flat hair (which everyone seems to love, but imo her hair is boring and lifeless looking despite the shine~) , and it’s light in color. Her bangs are thin. Being happa, I have thicker, dark, and semi-coarse hair. My bangs are much thicker and darker than hers. This is how I wore them when I went to get my passport photo taken. They didn’t ask me to pin them back or sweep them out of my face more. I just sat down and they took the photo. I was also than there, because I tan like it’s my job if you let me outside for a day. My eyeliner is darker than hers as well. I’m also tan in the photo, even though normally I am VERY pale and all of my other photo IDs show just how pale I am. Also, near the bottom of the photo, you can see that the neckline of my shirt continues even though the white border of the photo stops.
I know that pointing this out sounds like I’m trying to defend her, but honestly I’m not. I just think it’s important to get rid of arguments that aren’t 100% solid so we can focus on arguments that are.
I understood everything else, but Dakota's arm/rest of the photo outside the white border was solid. It wasn't faded like yours is/was.

See? Hers is solid, much more solid than yours, anyway. Yours you can definitely see through the past-the-white-border parts. With hers, it's not only off-center (yours seems to be centered), but you are hardly able to see through the past-the-white-border parts. Make any sense I hope so. Yours also doesn't seem to have this weird yellow mark (that looks like drying glue underneath a crinkled photo) anywhere on the photo, unlike hers which has it be her shoulder.

But that could just be a part of the passport.
Anyone have any thoughts? I know some Kota/Kannibal blogs follow me. It's on blogspot too just in case this gets deleted.

oookay done.

Here's more proof Brookelle's "bruises" from her lip injections were utter bullshit and fake. These photos were taken mere hours/minutes apart from each other. In the top photo, the bruises are quite noticeable and dark. The bottom was taken after the bruises-on-her-lips photo, and guess what? They're completely gone! The bruises that should still be purplish/back and slightly yellowing are nonexistent and she's wearing lipstick/gloss. I'm not familiar at all with how this shit works but I know that:
  • The bruise on her lip is not the right color. It's too light to be real.
  • Bruises don't just magically disappear within hours, maybe even minutes (because I don't know exact times) days of each other
  • You probably can't wear lip gloss after lip injections because there's still a hole from where they went in and your lips have to be as sterile as possible so there's no infection.

  • The bruises on her skin are indeed real, because if you look at them, they aren't just 'darker' than the rest of her skin. They flow with it, if you get what I mean.
  • The bruise on her lip is fake. All she did was burn-it. How I know this? Image < Auto Color, Contrast, Tone -- Filter < Sharpen < Sharpen More -- Image < Adjustments < Hue & Saturation. For the Hue, I just changed it so I was in the blue. As you can see, the bruise on her lip is blurry, doesn't flow with the rest of her skin at all, and literally looks like it was burned onto her lip to make it look more believable. 
Now, for the two days later photo....

  • Did the exact same thing to this photo as I explained above... and look what just doesn't exist. None of her bruises, not even the red marks where I believe it was injected? (could be wrong about the where part). 
  • I understand there is also more swelling but her lips wouldn't have swelled down to almost the perfect size in two days. She herself stated it would be several days to about a week before her face stopped swelling: 

"I was swollen all over for about 4-7 days."
Oh, okay. that's why you have not one, but two photos after the "swollen" face photo where your face looks fine.
Please also note the inconsistencies in her photos. In the first photo (the bruises) her lips are fucking huge, almost as big as Donetella Versace's. In the second photo (taken almost right after said bruises photo), her lips are much, much thinner and almost look normal. And in this photo, the photo taken two days after, her lips are bigger than the latter photo.
Guess this proves the whole "She's not satisfied with her lip size and photoshopped them bigger theory correct, huh?
I would enjoy some feedback about people who have had lip injections (hence why I tagged it), because Google isn't serving what I've been trying to learn about.

I honestly am just so fucking tired of Maddy and Brookelle's shit right now. She buddy-buddy's when we prove her wrong and then gets shitty with one of us when we prove that her best friend is, indeed, a photoshopped, even after Maddy insisted in the past that she wasn't. Hypocrite, hypocrite. She also, here, admitted that Brookelle photoshopped her, too so. That should say something.


Alright, so, I was watching the 'story' unfold on that site about ours and I found this one pretty funny. I told myself I wouldn't post this but, whatever. Doesn't matter anymore. 

Okay, so the site and the person behind it posted this:

I had to laugh. I did my research too, Ms. Angie.
The August she's talking about in the above posts (made by the girl, not the little girl behind the site), is her friend's role play character. If you looked at the tags in the posts (since I did it too), there's also--convenient that you didn't post the tags, huh--a tag that reads 'augustfokkenrush', and circled is another tag that reads "Jeremy Depoyster". Now, Bill Kaulitz is on the left, clearly, so that leaves Jeremy as the dude on the right.

Now, what happens when we go to that tag? This:

Above is the second to last post and the last post in the tag. It's clear to anyone else (now), that the "August" in her photos is the Jeremy Depoyster (as also tagged in the photo), and is a role play account, not the August that Rachel used as a pseudo name for this site before she stopped using it.

So if you really want to believe that this site is anywhere near 'legitimate' or 'cool' or 'you believe them' then you are sadly, sadly mistaken. Anyone with common sense and even half a brain would know that August Rush (the Role play characters name, I'm guessing from the URL watermark on the photo in the second post in the tag) is not Rachel.

I told myself I wouldn't post this either but I guess I will because it's just plain funny.

Now, yesterday the same person from the same site posted on her ask.fm an email account for someone to email them something about Summer being behind the site. Well, that was the person who submitted these to me. They asked Angie for an email and Angie gave it, as pictured below:

Okay, alright, that's a legit email. Then, I'm guessing this person looked for the email on Facebook and shit out of curiosity, and found this. It's a Facebook account that the email belongs to (as shown in this video in a later question):

Now, it's clear in the above screen shot that Angie herself said it wasn't her. "Lol that's not me baby,"
Huh... It's not?

This is what you look like, right?:
Oh, okay. Why is it the email associated with the Facebook account that you yourself posted (later stating that 'oh i'm not going to post it, as seen below):

How could you have 'just made' the email before answering the question when it was already taken, and in use, by another Angie? It doesn't make sense, unless you're saying that's not really your email and you just made it up. I feel bad for the person who wanted to 'submit' to you (LOL) because now some random girl is going to be getting one weird ass email from someone--not that this submitter existed anyway.

Something I'd also like to know.... The room in your photo:
is nearly the same as the one on the Facebook, not to mention it's the same face, the same hair, and last but not least the same type of camera (as distinguishable by the Sony in your photo's name and the noise in both photos):

Oh, yes, and why is it that both cameras have the same bit depth, and DPI?

Huh. Guess it's just one big coincidence, right?

Guess so.