You don't have time to get onto your account, but you have time to look at my blog more than once?

(I understand the file name is "hello angie and damian" but it was a different screenshot before I realized that I had two hits from her on two different days, and the slots were too far down)

So you can read my post over twice but you can't get on to answer a few questions? It probably takes you longer to read that post than it does to answer questions.

I don't think your professors would enjoy it much if they knew you were on ask/tumblr during classes.


Looks like you really enjoyed my blog tonight, huh?

Huh. She even does it with her fucking Instagram photos!

(Original post, screenshot)

And here's your proof that the original (the left photo) is not Photoshopped (in the sense that she didn't use the effects). The right photo, however, was used with Picnik (presumably because she was on her iPad or iPod and did not have access to Photoshop CS5):

She even did it with her "level 64" photo.... four times.

(Original post, screen shot)
(top left is the one on there now, then top right is "_r2_".
Bottom left is "_r1_" and bottom right is the original from IG)

The thing that sucks about the above is there is no Program name used, but it's evident that she used either Photoshop or Picnik to edit these photos (since it's obvious they are not the same). 

So, I'll let you decide. Catch it on her other photos were hard but the proof she edits is on our Tumblr, as usual (because of Austin's 'big catch'). 

So, I've been following Brookelle for the better part of three years now on Tumblr, and I've noticed that she changes her photos quiet often. I actually believe I did a post on it a few months ago. But what I didn't have was the ability to see if she was using Photoshop (mostly because of the shit computer I had while at home and because I didn't know how to do so on my Mac) to change the photos. Well, I did, but I wasn't able to prove it. I guess I should have titled this post "Here's Brookelle Using Photoshop In Anyway She Can Without Realizing It." That was too long of a title though, so, I'll use the one I have now. I'll start with the most recent, being this (screen shots here) post and the photo below:

As always, it's sort of become a habit of mine to check ever since finding out initially that she does this. And, well...

Now, I checked the original too, since it did have the "_r1_" and...

She does this often. I found the original photo. It seems as though she Photoshopped the entire piece together so that it was just those four images (I don't know how I didn't see that before).

So, that should tell you something, y'know? There's tons more, so here's a few I saved up (minus the Photoshop). Sometimes, she'll even change the entire photo itself. How people do not see this, I do not know.

(original post, screenshot)

(original post, screenshot)

(original post, screenshot)

And that's just a few. There's so many others. Most of her reposted pictures are done like this, but there are some that aren't. These above don't have Photoshop in the properties but there have been posts where there are. I'll be making a second-half to this post, but with photos of her, like I did last time. So, there you have it. I just... don't see how you people believe it anymore (that she doesn't).

Wait.... I thought you spent your money on your lip job? And I thought you were "saving up" and "booked in april" for your boob job? 

You really need to get your lies straight, honey. Because everyone is starting to realize how much of an idiot you are. 

(This was in response to this reblog that I made I think yesterday? about Ally calling her out.)

Ally's response?  Here, or below.

(She went on to say that it was nothing exciting, which it really wasn't.)

Whoops. Looks like Brookelle is finally being called out. I like this ally chick already.

She's been behind ellekoorb this entire fucking time. "Michael" on tumblr doesn't exist. He doesn't "delete" fakes. There's no one in Tumblr Support named Michael. If Brookelle wanted her fakes deleted so bad, she could do it herself, so why the fuck are you asked for proof photos of her? Oh, wait, it's because you fucked faked her and you wanted proof so you could make the REAL Brookelle look fake so that your stupid ellekoorb would look real.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't believe that it's her... all you have to do is look up her email address at .

Good job! You're officially a fucking idiot!

That Damian was a part of SBfails in ONE way or another. Smack sent me this and goes "Oh look, it's Damian."

'Tis. It's the same person who is:

In this photo. The profile picture enlarged:

Same busted smile, same hair, same style. How I know this is Damian is because he has another account that usually goes by the name "Lilly Martin." How we know THIS is Damian/fake is because the URL is "Jessica Hetten" and because he makes tons of sock accounts to try and add Brookelle. This is one of them. They became friends on the Lily account for five seconds, then Brookelle realized it was Damian and deleted him.

This is yet another one. I thought this was supposed to be Yusurf, from Mexico? Why are you adding so many people from Australia then, who would be friends with Brookelle? Why do you have Elliot on this account? Creeper, much?

And it's true. Every. Single. One of you. Failed. This. Every single one. Even the ones who claimed they 'never believed in the first place'. I've seen you come from my blog to my ask and send me those "Aw, your baby is so cute!" comments. Every single one. You can deny that all you want, but I'm not an idiot.

And trust me. I will be back. Soon. And you'll all fucking regret it. Just like "Angie", I've been taking screen shots of things that will blow your fucking mind. And I will post it, unlike you, who claims that you have all of this shit linking me to Summer, but you're not going to post it. Just like you will "go on webcam" for people, but you won't make a proof photo. I would be fair. You know that. But you can't, and why? Because you. Aren't. Real. Just like "Me".

"Be Scared", Angie. Because you are going down.