Though this isn't the first time I've gotten a message like this regarding Brookelle, I am seriously just too pissed off not to address it, because of the fact that I have finally received this question far too many times and I refuse to answer anything more on it.

How dare you call someone a jealous slut because their opinion differs from yours? She's not pretty to me, and never will be, on account of the fact that she fucked her face proportions up royally by getting a lip job, and because I know that behind that so-called 'pretty' face is a back-stabbing, lying, cheating little bitch that deserves to have nothing. I know that behind that so-called 'beautiful' and 'perfect' woman is a little girl who's too scared to come up with any other response to me calling her out then 'haters gonna hate' and whatever else she's said. All of that stupid bullshit about her being  'upset' over the words that 'people that don't know her' is complete and utter bullshit and I am finally sick of her fucking shit and all of her little followers' shit that I am finally ranting, again, I think. I believe I did this before. Oh well, I'm fucking doing it again.

Brookelle, yes, you, the girl who's afraid to admit to all of her faults like the adult she's supposed to be, is this really how you want your fucking 'followers' and 'fans' to treat people who don't agree with them or you? Is this how you really want them to react to someone going 'oh she's not pretty' or 'she actually photoshopped that' (because the second is true) because of the fact that it disagrees with everything anyone has ever said about you? I mean, Jesus fucking Christ  even Ally called you out on your bullshit and the only response you could come up with was "oh, come off it mate, you need to get your shit straight"? Really?

You have copied every single thing that Ally has done because she is everything you've ever wanted to be. Skinny, pretty (naturally pretty), not jobless, has her own apartment/house, runs her own health & beauty blog that has some credit to it? Really? Like, come on now, you are in absolutely no place to call her what you did and say what you did before deleting it (because you knew you were wrong, and Angie's "If I delete it it never happened" bullshit towards Summer could be applied here) when you're sitting here, putting you finances to worthless shit that'll be gone in six months because it'll be rid of your system (the sad truth about botox). And Lord knows you won't be able to afford another one, let alone let the bank give you another loan to get another one. Thought you were getting a loan for a car? And then your boob job (which never happened)?

All of this is leading up to say: What you and your little fans do is making me absolutely sick and I have finally snapped. It was only a matter of time before it happened. You all are worthless piles of dog shit. That's all I really have to say to your little fan-base (especially when they act like the above) and you and I don't even care who's angry over it. I'm sick of your little bullshit games, your photoshopping, your lying and your cheating and your betraying and your using. Every last bit of it. One day, when you're old and wrinkly like leather because you tan too much and use far more make up then normal, you're going to look back and think, "What the hell was I thinking, doing all of that stupid shit?"

Or maybe not since your head is too far up your own ass to realize that what you're doing is wrong and stupid and childish. God, I can see it now. You'll be fifty, sixty, seventy and still photoshopping your wrinkles away, trying to claim you've found the fountain of youth or some other pile of lies. And guess what? Until you stop, I'm going to call you out on every piece of bullshit you dish out, whether it be caught by Brittany and Audrina or an anonymous individual or anyone. I will not stop. Call it a threat if you will, but I swear to God your little 'reign' of e-fame will be over - even though it was over when you decided not to be scene anymore.


This one:

.....It's her hand writing, not Zac's. How I know is the multiple signs that she made during her years. I checked the A's and the B's and looked at the lowercase letters; it's the same. Whoops, looks like she's bullshitting even more!

Same handwriting. WHOOPS. Brookelle, did you really think people would believe you? lol.