That deleting everything will not make it go away! Anons come and tell us about these things and we screen shot them! Getting rid of all of the questions in which you basically said Laura stabbed you in the back and the instagram comments are not going to go anywhere, especially if you don't delete them right away! Jesus!

Anyway, this all stemmed from a couple of questions Brookelle was asked, and apparently some other ones that didn't make the cut. Those were sent to me as well but they basically just call Brookelle out and she didn't post them.

That up there started because of this:

Laura posted this, everyone assumed it was about Brookelle.

And it was.

Brookelle tried to put all the blame on Laura,

then changed her answer when someone called her out it.

Then later decided to say that she had no idea what anyone was talking about.

The instagram comments of Brookelle's and the questions are all gone now, but Laura's are still there because I think she is not on currently. 

Her lies are finally brought to truth by Laura herself. I bet Brookelle is getting sick of dumped by friends who realize how bad she really is. Thought Rachel, Austin and I want to say to Laura, "I told you so!", we stand behind her against Brookelle because she needs the support, especially because of B's minions. And yes, I will call you B. Just try and fucking stop me.


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