We haven't updated in a while and we're sorry for that. (mostly because we haven't had much to go on, besides Maddy's new video to Brookelle - which is beautifully worded and I applaud it fully - and the tip we got from foxyyknox on tumblr) But, with Brookelle's new Facebook I found a great fail that I think even her "fans" can spot. Especially the one in blue that I noticed immediately after seeing the original photo.

The picture below is from an analyzer that spots out differences in the noise in the picture. It's actually explained on the site but, it doesn't link when I try to do it without breaking. :( Basically, all of the red circles are abnormalities in the 'base' noise (if you will) that indicate that something was edited. There was a Felice Fawn post somewhere that I saw that deals with the same analyzer and what it does.

The bigger noise parts are all where she blurred something (on her arms and upper body). The one near her arm is where it was liquified too much and the noise got fucked up plus where her skirt is fucked up. Same with the other side.

You're welcome, and yes, we'll continue to do fails as long as they're legitimate and have a source.