Blehhh. It's 3:07am and I'm fucked laughing my ass off. I probably shouldn't be awake with Thanksgiving tomorrow but I noticed something (a trend, if you will) with Brookelle's instagram.

You guessed it - she still fucked photoshops. Don't believe me? Here. Take these. I also have them in PSD form if you would like to see yourself how much of an idiot she is.

Alright. I noticed this one first.

  1. I want to point out that the pictures are also not lined up correctly (in the center), which means she did the dual picture shot here in Photoshop instead of on an app (like much of her pictures go through... considering half the fonts she uses and the option to put a outer-stroke on the text are Photoshop exclusive, so to speak)
  2. Orange - It only shows up in the one picture, so please reference the zoomed in picture below. That shadow shouldn't be there. It isn't caused by her hair (because it's too light)... so what the fuck happened there? We just don't know.
  3. Cyan - She may or may not have gotten rid of the following and caused a patch to occur that isn't in the the other picture: pimples, eyebrow hairs, other things
  4. Red (Eyes) - Both eyes are dodged and burned at two different intensities (a dead give away because her eyes look like this without photoshop). Her eyelashes are also two different sets, meaning she probably edited those in too. 
  5. Red (nostril) - I am pretty sure this one is obvious. She blemished fixed over her nostril for some reason???
  6. Green - Blurred out her laugh lines a bit 
  7. Red (shoulder) - I refuse to believe that that isn't edited. the shadow ends on that yellow line (and i'm not kidding) too abruptly to be a natural shadow (plus it has a weird grey tint which happens when you use the burn tool with only the 'highlights' option selected)
Zoomed photo below (click to enlarge)

After noticing this in the first picture, I went through older pictures to see if there was more. I found three. (that I can see myself)

  1. Orange (eye) - that black eyeliner line was created with a brush tool.
  2. Orange (nose) - Same thing, except much more prominent (and really shitty)
  3. Orange (cheek) - noise inconsistency when sharpened. Also note that her skin tone is different colors. I turned down the contrast so it wasn't so bright and that happened. 
  1. for the left picture: Blue (nose) - Used the blemish fix tool and it fucked up)
  2. for the right picture: Blue (eye) eye was heavily dodged and burned. 
  3. Blue (both necks) - Do you need anymore proof that she still edits her jawline smaller? 

  1. Blue (forehead) - Noise inconsistency, burned too dark. Doesn'r seem to be a widow's peak, but I could be wrong.
  2. Blue (cheek) - More noise inconsistency. Looks like it was blemish fixed (and not picture, on her nose just above her nostirl there is clear signs of the blemish fix tool)
  3. Blue (jaw) - Same thing as the previous photo. She edits her jawline.

If you guys have any more let me know (or if you find your own)