So, Taylor decided to change her instagram, but I found it again, yada, yada, etc. She'll probably delete the two Instagram posts after she catches wind of this post or swear on her life she didn't photoshop it/I photoshopped the two images, but.

She posted two different photos of her follower count. The one we called out in the first place for photoshopping, and a second one two weeks ago that is, in fact, also photoshopped. Here's how I know how.

I decided to compare both pictures.

Here's screen shots of the originals, here and here are the two original pictures.

It doesn't look like anything has changed except the very tiny less-than-two-hundred followers she 'gained' from the first post to the second (pretty decline in follower additions, don't you think?), and the message count (also strikingly low for the amount of 'followers' she 'has')

Well, they're both photoshopped.

Take this GIF, for instance, of both Instagram photos paired together. Notice how nothing else in the picture moves (the follower and message count box moves about five pixels one way and another 5 down, it's very subtle), except for the highlighted area (and obviously the service bar thing at the top, idk what it's called, I don't own an iPhone).

Here's another picture of it, except zoomed in at 200%.

Now, I'm about 99 percent sure that the box doesn't fucking do that in the IOS app. about 110% sure.

I'd try it myself but I don't have an iphone so.

What's your excuse this time, Taylor?


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