(you'll have to excuse the fucked-up helvetica, it's my computer's fault because it doesn't render properly, since it's made for Mac OS)
  • as a continuance of the above post, this question (also screen shotted below) marks that it is fake. When Brookelle answers questions (at least, all the time in the past) she doesn't space her question marks - this being something fakes, and people who have to translate to English, end up doing because they copy + paste + ? with a space in the middle. Note that the question the anonymous sent also has the " ?"

  • We are so close to reaching 100,000 views on Blogger, and that makes me excited. That means that 100,000 of you (more or less) have continued/stumbled up/came to this blog to read our posts and that, to most people, is a very large milestone. My tumblr and the Spot Your Fail tumblr don't even have that many views combined (and I got almost a thousand page views last week alone!?!?!?). We'd like to thank you for that (or at least me, for now. I heard that Rachel is busy with work and an engagement and I think Austin is just taking a break to enjoy his time with his girlfriend.) with endless love, and yes, we will always continue to post here (even if it's slow for right now) because it's what you people want to see.
  • I don't know why none of us have posted about it, but we DO have a new ask.fm. Click the "ask.fm" before this or click HERE for the new one (since some of you haven't seen it yet on Smackbrookelle's ask, or just didn't look). It's /SPOTYRFAIL without capital letters. :)
Umm, I'm not sure about some other stuff, apart from our last post being a very silly one because the entire picture was fake (not just the editing, the entire picture was pieced together by saveebrookelle, as found out. I believe the brookelle-fan-blog community posted about it, as well as the Facebook being fake as well (run by saveebrookelle)). So apologies, but at least you know what is edited on it now (with a few minor details that need to be changed, like our liquify actually being where it was cut too much in and then pasted and the lave dress being pasted in from another picture, the polka dot skirt probably from a completely different picture that isn't her, etc). Also, here's a new picture of Brookelle without editing.

Apart from that, there's nothing really new because none of us actually know Brookelle's real tumblr (and haven't cared or bothered to look because someone will most likely end up sending it to us anyway).

It's all kickin' off now, you knobs! 
(sorry, Gavin Free hit me like a train and his slang is very... catchy, to say the least).