A rather.... large... post later tomorrow (or today, if it's July 2nd where you are). I've given Rachel everything she needed and we compiled a large, somewhat detailed post. It covers these subjects.

  • Where we've been
  • What we've been doing (unless you follow me personally on Tumblr, then you'll know that I lost my muse for this for a while but I'm back now after seeing some things and also with the help of Smackbrookelle and a few other lovely people)
  • What we're going to be doing
  • How Brookelle actually isn't a make up artist and why
  • The truth behind the girl named Kelcey Maree (kelceyme on Tumblr)
  • What we think of Taylor (owsely for those who don't know her first name, though you should)
  • among other things.
Right now, I'm working on changing up the Blogger Theme to something usable and different, as well as our Tumblr.

I'll also be on probably until 2am answering and unloading questions from the Inbox. 


Big stuff. Biiiiig stuff.