I never though this would happen, but our blog has been featured on the Pretty Ugly Little Liars website!

I decided to check up on this after a year, and noticed 13 new comments. I was wondering where they came from. Most of them were on the Vallex Valentine post, which was featured in a thread on their forums (link here).

I was also wondering why we got 1,000+ page views within that week. Looks like I've figured it out!

So... cheers??? I absolutely love the site, but I don't ever go on it. Awesome.

We also never followed up on Vallex, but it seems they have, so.

Might as well post some actual, recent fails!

All original links here: First picture (tumblr link), Second (tumblr linkand the one from her sidebar, which are different!

Easiest way to tell if there was Photoshop? Windows Photo Viewer. I use it on Windows 7, so idk if it's work on Windows 8 or anything before 7. I won't be doing what I do with the first photo because you can just look back and forth between the second and third to figure out what's wrong with the picture/it's mostly the same stuff (Liquification of the stomach, hips, probably boobs and skin as well).

(I screenshot using Windows 7's Snipping Tool, which auto-saves to PNG. You can check these for yourself if you save them and look, before anyone tries to angrily comment "PHOTOSHA W P").

First photo:

Seems there was some Photoshop used. Not really surprising.

Second photo: 

Still not surprising.

Third Photo/Sidebar Picture:

Yeah, not surpising at all.

Now to go into the real stuff, like whats actually photoshopped.

I use Photoshop and Paint for this (Photoshop to do the exposure and sharpening as well as putting all three pictures together, and Paint to make the rings around the photo), a method Rachel actually taught me,

First Picture:

I even saved it in JPG for you. The left picture is the original, the middle is sharpened, and the far right has the exposure down so I can see things like blurring and the like. (View full size here (without red rings) and here (with them: png / jpg versions), since Blogger sizes down to 1600px wide, and this is will over that):

Here's what's "wrong":

  • Circle around her face: Exposure shows that there's skin softening/blurring. 
  • Circle around her stomach: Pixel alteration/stretching, showing that the Liquify tool has been used. 
  • Circle around her back: Same thing as above^
  • Red circle around her thigh/calf: Thigh has beedn "liquified". IT's uneven, consistent with a small brush instead of a large one.
  • Yellow circle around her sock: Red line on her sock is blurred, and smaller on one side than the other. Proof of Liquify tool. 
  • Circle around her upper thigh/butt: Proof of the liquify tool. See bigger here, her thigh has an inlet that isn't smooth (I'm not sure what else to call it). It looks like that part was made smaller, maybe to make her butt appear "bigger", but I can't be sure. It's consistent with when someone uses the liquify tool with the default 100% settings (and tbh, it's not a great choice. 50% on both should be better, unfortunately I know this because I used to do this too )))): )
  • Circle around her lower knee: I'm not sure what's going on here but there's alteration to the pixels in that circle (see bigger here). Might have been a botched Liquify job and she tried to cover it up? I have no fucking clue tbh. 
There you have it. 

If you guys want more (since these take a lot of work to make, surprisingly enough), please send the photos you want to our ask.fm page.