Damn, Brookelle, back at it against with the liquify tool!

I am... very sorry for that, I apologize. I couldn't stop myself. Anyway, here are even more bybrookelle fails.

@Brookelle, if you're reading this: please find someone professional to do your photos so it's at least a little hard for me to do this.

A note before you continuePlease don't forget that the liquify tool is in multiple apps besides photoshop (Meitupic and Facetune I believe both have them). This does not negate the fact that it is still Photoshop, and she is still lying about it

All of the following photos have multiple degrees of the Liquify tool, as well as her general face-smoothing  and the GIF at the end shows how much it changes between just two photos.

(Note: The circle around her hair shows where the hair is jagged and unnatural)

And here is the GIF showing the above two photos together. As you can see, there are Anchor points, where I made sure the still background matched. I used the top right corner of the top right frame, the items behind her hair on the left (our left), and the corner edge of the table on the right (our right). Please note that I missed a spot, which is her HAIRSPRAY CAN above the THIRD ANCHOR POINT.