I was debating for a long time about whether or not to post this since myself and everyone else who posts here are white, but I feel as though, through enough education I've received, that I know cultural appropriation when I see it. I honestly thought Brookelle was above something like this, but I guess she's not because this is her "Halloween costume" this year:

 Let me spell this out for ya, Brookelle, since I know you still read this blog:


Like, holy fuck. "Took inspiration from Xerxes (300 movie)"... What the fuck is wrong with you??

At what point did you think to yourself, "oh, this is totally okay even though I'm white and not part of either culture!"??

But I shouldn't expect anything less from Brookelle, as these were her "festival" (re: coachella) "makeup" looks.

Her response to all of this?

hamiltonjesse @ri.tarded Pipe your Tumblr arse down, this is not cultural appropriation
bybrookelle @hamiltonessy thanks chick [heart emoji, kiss emoji]]

[Caption: bybrookelle: @limobido what specific culture am I appropriation? Please advise. Or get off your high horse and sit down.
limobido: @bybrookelle obviously you haven't even investigated a little bit about tribal face paint. This kind of tribal face paint is used by African and Native American tribes in different special and religious occasions. It's not just a festival trend, it's something that actually has a meaning to it and people are using it just because it's 'treny'. Please, look up the meaning of cultural appropriation. What you're doing is disrespectful to other cultures. Even if you don't see it, just the fact that other people feel their culture is disrespected is a reason to stop. I really didn't want to write this whole thing, but i'm trying to educate. have a nice day.
bybrookelle: @limobido NO CULTURE owns face painting, or shapes on ones face. Nobody. It's not illegal nor am I breaking any rules. I am able to use makeup to please whatever shapes, colours, or anything I wish on my face. Just because someone is offended by something, doesn't mean I am not able to express myself how I wish or that I should be bashed for it. I could be offended by a woman breast feeding in public, but that's not for me to comment on. So please get back to me when putting makeup on your face is illegal, or when a specific culture owns face painting. Thank you.

I don't even think I have to explain how disgusting and racist this is.

Then again, again, I should expect nothing less from someone who uses foundation 3-5 times darker than their ACTUAL skin tone and uses fake tan like there's no tomorrow (not that there's anything wrong with fake tanning, but when it's dark enough to look like a completely different race, that's when it becomes incredibly problematic).

(the bottle says "Dark", and her left leg - with spray tan - resembles that of a dark skinned person.)

For anyone coming here for the first time, this is her real skin tone with no makeup, but plenty of Photoshop.

(this has the Valencia filter on it)

(no filter at all, and you can see her blotchy fake tan and her real skin tone underneath)

(snapchat's 'Vintage' filter option (I do not know what it's called normally))

[ Note: While I don't like how much fake tan she uses, I do feel bad that she got burned pretty bad from using whatever brand she did. No one deserves that, at least in my opinion. It doesn't mean I can't talk about how terrible her fake tan is and just how dark it really is ]

And as a bonus, here's her stealing an Instagram post from a black makeup artist, lightening the skin using a filter, and posting it as if it were her own photo from a while back.

By the way? She never deleted the post. Her excuse for posting it and lightening the skin? "I never said the photo was mine."

Anyway, there you go. I'm sure there's more somewhere, but this is what I have!


  1. In no way was she being are just accusing because you enjoy making her look like some horrible person. Gypsy is an actual costume trend around the world, its October(A well known month for dressing up). She didn't bash the culture in any way so how is she being racist? I get that you can have your opinion on her & I have enjoyed reading this blog for years now but I just think IN MY OWN OPINION your getting shit out of your ass at this point because you don't really have anything to post about anymore. I disagree with this post but thats my opinion and I'm entitled to speak it. Thank you for reading.

    1. lmfao clearly you're as uneducated as she is. ask any Romani person what they think of the word g*psy and they'll tell you exactly what rachel just said in this post. g*psy is a slur and you're an idiot. your opinion isnt an opinion anymore when its uninformed and completely wrong <3

      some sources too, even tho you probably wont look at them:
      (and, of course, Google since you're perfectly capable of doing your research yourself!)

      ta da, you're welcome! and guess what! brookelle is a horrible person! look at any other post on this blog that details her incredible amount of photoshop, lying about lip injections, faking breast implants, doing blackface (which is detailed in this post!), manipulating and using her friends for personal gain, lying about being famous, and go on over and check out the original brookelle truth site which again details her photoshop adventures during her scene days, faking herself for scene fame and a bunch of other glorious stuff! bye sweaty (:

  2. You stupid little sjws think everything is racist, hopefully you'll grow up and grow out of it.

    1. I mean... don't take it from me, take it from the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Romani people that have been telling non-Romani people for years that the word g*psy is a slur, or the millions of black people that have been saying for years that darkening your skin to the point of looking black is indeed blackface...

      Like don't take it from me... I guess all Romani people and Black people advocating for people not to do these things because they are racist are all SJWs now? The only person who needs growing up is you my dude. Who uses the term SJW in this year 2017 like... go back to 2012 maybe??