Why do you do this?
Rachel: I made this site for Smackbrookelle. It is basically a side-project of theirs. Brittany asked me to make one so that I could spot fails without having to email them all the time to post the edit fails. After a while I expanded my horizon, so to speak, to ex-scene queens, and then to really anyone who needed help pointing out fails or was curious about if someone is photoshopped. Then I sent it in to my college professor as extra credit and it became sort of a school project. But it's mainly because Smack asked me to make one, so thank her for bringing up the initial idea.

Why haven't you done my submission/answered my question?
Rachel: I am really busy with school and my job, so I don't have much time to do fails anymore/I usually answer questions more frequently on our ask.fm account.

Jude: I don't check up on things often.

*insert some sort of hate here*
Rachel & Jude: I won't bother responding, unless it's so pathetically funny that I must. I usually use GIFs to reply to them.

*insert support here*
Rachel & Jude: Thank you. I'm glad that you've been able to see the light or you think what I do is good, etc. It means a lot but I can't answer them all the time.

*I answer non-anonymous questions privately unless I can't because I am mobile*

Who is *insert person here*?
Rachel & Jude: Go through my tags to see who they are, what they look like and the fails I do.

How old are you?
Rachel: I am in my twenties.
Jude: I'm 18

Where do you live?
We both live in Chicago, Illinois.
Rachel: I live with my cat.
Jude: I live on my own.

How do you spot out fails?
Rachel: It's quite easy, really. I over/under expose the photo and sharpen it once or twice to see if there is anything out of the ordinary, like disturbed or stretched pixels that shouldn't be there. I also take the exposed/sharpened photo and double it's pixel percentage to view things clearly.

Jude: Same thing as Rachel, to keep things in order.

Your name isn't Rachel, it's Summer and you're from Allentown, not Chicago!
Rachel: No, it isn't. I've already posted about the project I was involved in. If you want to see photos of me, or try and find the ~real~ me, don't bother looking. You can find me on my Facebook. I'm done with the petty "you're not Rachel, you're [Insert Person here]!" - it's old and needs to stop. 

Jude: I go by Jude now, and I'm genderfluid. Summer is my birth name, so please stop using it. (And I don't live in Allentown anymore.)

So who are you faking now, Rachel?
Rachel: No one.

Who is Damien/Damian?
Rachel: A pathetic person who is obsessed with Brookelle (has been, and still is), and will stop at nothing to find things out about her, or myself, even. He lives in either Russia or Ukraine - I'm unsure of which - and you can find out if he is faking or is himself as he has a few specific ways in which he types things out or posts. He uses a translator (probably Google) to speak English, so his sentences will come out sounding like they were made in Translate, as well as spacing his question marks and other sentence-ending punctuation with a space (see: "You know Brookelle's site ?"). There's a blog post explaining this somewhere on here, or on the SYF Tumblr.

Why the new name, Summer?
Jude: It's Jude, and because it's not gender specific, and it feels more comfortable than my birthname. (For the record, when you refer to me, I use they/them pronouns. Please try to respect that, even if yr sending hate or arguments my way). 

Updated on 12/13/15.